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Compare the Relay G50 to the XDV75TR
by cressjl on 2012-05-30 07:48:09.5160

Apparently, the G50 is backordered into the next century.  I would like to have guitar digital wireless at some point in my lifetime!

I have used the XD-70 Handheld system, and have been blown away by the quality.  I am thinking that the XD-75 body pack system might be great, too.  I am concerned, however, that the G50 actually provides better features (e.g., cable impedance simulation) that the TR fails to provide.  Does anyone have experience with both systems, willing to provide some guidance here?

The G90 is available, by the way, but I am not really wanting a rack-mount solution.  At least the CD-75TR is portable, and is road-hardy.  I also plan on using this with acoustic-electric, so pedal boards are not an issue; in fact, I will most likely plug directly into the sound system most of the time.

Thanks in advance for the wise advice!

Re: Compare the Relay G50 to the XDV75TR
by line6jonb on 2012-06-18 15:56:03.0380

I would say both systems and are good and strong options.  The main difference I see based upon the specs is that the TR will give you 300 feet of range while the G50 only has 200 feet of range.  Many stages aren't even that big anyway.  The TR also has 14 channels possible, opposed to the G50's 12 channels.  Either way it sounds like you're only using 1 or maybe 2 channels for your instrument(s) anyway, so that may not matter.  Both systems are digital wireless.  The G50 also has an AUX out which is meant for a tuner, and the XD-V75 doesn't have that, and instead only has a XLR and 1/4" out.  The G50 is also relatively robust, with a metal box (although it can look like plastic in pictures).  The V75 is metal as well. 

The last little tid bit is that if/when you want to update firmware for you G50 you would need the XD-V75 to do the update because the V75 has USB, which would allow plugging to the computer to get the update.  You can still update the G50, but any Line 6 wireless that does not have a USB needs the V75 to facilitate updates.  We recommend users to go to your local music retailer and try to use one of their V75's for updating G50's.  We (Line 6) will update it for you too, but you'd have to ship it to us and there is a charge, because an employee will have to do it.  The update only takes 5 minutes or so, and is not required to make your G50 function, but it is something for you to be aware of and updating your gear is recommended. 

I've played music for a number of years and from my experience you tend to be better off getting the gear that was meant for the purpose you're using, because that is what it was made/intended for.  Personally I like the G90, because it will display levels on the LCD screen.  It's more money, but seeing that little level has kept me sane once or twice.  Ultimately, it is your decision.  I hope this is helpful.

Lastly, remember that mic level and instrument level are not the same.

Re: Compare the Relay G50 to the XDV75TR
by sdevino on 2012-06-22 15:13:56.0330

Just to add to line6jonb's response.

The XD-75TR bodypack has a 30 foot cable tone setting as the last EQ preset. So it is very usable as a Guitar Tx.


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