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"Guitar In Z" Setting [new feature]
by Brion_Kean on 2012-05-30 12:01:02.4000

Question : Where can I find official documentation explaining this feature? A previous answer to my question explained that this setting corresponds to matching the first effect in the signal chain to the input z of the instrument going into that block.

My question to you all is, anyone have any advice, results, feedback or 'input'  regarding this feature they can offer up?

To keep it simple, is there a setting - other than AUTO - which could be logically matched for a humbucker, or an active guitar, or an acoustic guitar, or a bass guitar, or single coil, etc?

I have a strat, with humbucker in bridge, regular strat pups in the other 2, and that S1 switch which somehow engages the humbucker pickup while in the other, single coil, pickup positions.

For what it's worth, I also noticed a similar drastic shift in sound when altering this setting using an active bass into the new flip-top bass amp model - same first FX block, the noise gate.

It seemed to impact the amount of low end coming through, as well as overall tonality, most likely due to again, how the noise gate is hearing the bass..

I have noticed this strat guitar, as far as the tonality created and any artifacts of sound caused by the noise gate effect, works best with the settings at 1M or 3.5m.

The 3.5M being probably the preferable. It allows the longest sustain of the note decay without any noise gate "warble". I am using the default noise gate setting, I realize this could be adjusted

to suit any of the input Z settings, however, the tonality seems to become more muted as I choose lower K setting values, and the responsiveness to the volume on the guitar being rolled back changes

with these settings as well, presumably in terms of how the noise gate is "hearing" that sound decay and volume difference.

I like to play with the volume knob to clean / dirty up the sound, and often pair a rolled back volume with a boost compressor being switched on.

I always use the noise gate as my first effect. This 'input Z' setting makes a DRASTIC difference in the sound, leaving all other setting identical on a set of patches.

I have created a patch using my standard template, and saved out each patch for the various "Guitar In Z" settings; and uploaded them to Customtone.

Links attached, and list of input Z settings are as follows:

1.) Auto:

2.) 3.5M:

3.) 1M :

4.) 230K:

5.) 136K:

6.) 90K:

7.) 70K:

8.) 32K:

9.) 22K:

Re: "Guitar In Z" Setting [new feature]
by Brion_Kean on 2012-05-30 12:18:45.0250

Here is that same basic tone:

This is with the cabinet 'deep editing' set to roll off a slight amount of bass - I am running mono 1/4" into the power amp 'in', on back of an old CBS/Fender 1x12 combo. This helps the low end of the 4x12 cabinet models to translate a little better to the 1x12 cab, without woofing out or muddying up the tone with too much bass response. Adjust as needed for whatever your rig may be.. This amp is stellar though, it's a Paul Rivera designed (from when he worked for Fender CBS) 1983 "Studio Lead". It's got a 2-prong plug, by design, which somehow eliminates all hum and noise when connecting the POD to this amp, and the USB to a computer to use the edit software. Love. It.

Re: "Guitar In Z" Setting [new feature]
by TheRealZap on 2012-05-30 12:24:59.7360

no... your guitar really doesn't matter in this scenario.. unless you like the sound you get by a certain setting...

auto is the best setting for authenticity...

however... before this feature was released 1m was the default... some users switch back to that so that their tones didn't change...

expirement as much as you like and go with what you like... but with all the other available places to tweak your tone... auto is likely to be the best setting for most.

there really isn't much need to expand on this as it's simply the impedence of the input being affected... which affects what everything else in the chain recieves... of course it will be drastic in some cases as a hotter signal coming in and change the output of whatever effect that comes after

Re: "Guitar In Z" Setting [new feature]
by Brion_Kean on 2012-05-30 13:36:18.2900

Thank you! That does help knowing what the pre-firmware update had been, as 1M.

I appreciate the input, helps alot!

For some reason, because of the way Fender wired this guitar, using the Auto

setting was causing me trouble, I was just noticing all this swish that hadn't been there

previously. Being able to set that to 1M or 3.5M seems to sound the best, though I

was switching between 3.5 and 1 using presets, when changing from the humbucker to single coil on the strat.

I suppose it's also worth mentioning that it seems this setting 1M or 3.5M, or Auto as it defaults to, can

be set per patch, or globally. Noticed that setting in the editor after I posted my original message.

Near as I can tell, with my guitar, it seems happiest with 1M or 3.5M.

This is the fender page for it, except mine is 2008 :

Pretty sure they changed up that S1 circuitry in recent releases of this axe?

Re: "Guitar In Z" Setting [new feature]
by TheRealZap on 2012-05-30 14:23:04.1640

super nice guitar!

Re: "Guitar In Z" Setting [new feature]
by Brion_Kean on 2012-05-30 19:43:46.3640

I think that one is a good bit nicer, but I like mine, it's not bad! American strat with some oddities. Like the metal rollernut, and older S1 design.

That new S1 system seems to allow some cool new routing.

I am gonna try those Guitar In Z settings tomorrow through a bit louder rigs, some tube amps and some PA equipment. See

if I notice anything in particular at more gig worthy volumes.. Didn't want to subject my neigbors to full on 'noise pollution' (rock n' roll ain't)

cheers, thanks for the help

Re: "Guitar In Z" Setting [new feature]
by lowyaw on 2012-05-31 09:09:37.1840


Re: "Guitar In Z" Setting [new feature]
by meambobbo on 2012-05-31 19:09:39.5440

While pickup manufacturers often list their pickups' resistance, they do not list impedance.  I believe this is because there is no standard input or means of measurement - the impedance measured would depend on how a signal is induced - the force applied to a guitar string, the material of the string, the tuning of the string, the thickness of the string, and the distance between string and pickup.

i have read that sending a signal from a low impedance device to a higher impedance device will result in no distortion and (other than a large resonant peak at the resonant frequency) the most accurate replication of the signal from the source (pickup) to target (amp/stompbox/pod).  Trying to send a signal from high impedance to a lower impedance device results in strong signal attenuation and distortion.  matching impedances between devices ensures maximum signal transfer but possibly slight attenuation of higher frequencies.

active pickups generally have a much lower impedance than passives.  This lets you run longer stretches of cable with them with less loss of signal, but it also means they might not work the same as with effects that expect a higher impedance.  for instance, fuzz boxes often use a rather low impedance to force distortion when connected to higher impedance pickups.  wah pedals use a medium impedance to attentuate some high end, so they don't get too shrill with the toe all the way down.  amps are generally high impedance to ensure they accurately replicate the signal coming from the guitar.

on the pod, "auto" sets the Pod's impedance to whatever the first turned on effect in the chain is.  the other just forces the pod to use that impedance.  lower values generally have a darker, looser tone, while higher values are brighter and tighter.

Re: "Guitar In Z" Setting [new feature]
by STPLE on 2013-03-15 10:43:28.9790

Not sure if this is the place to ask this questions - Is "Auto" the best for acoustic guitars??  When I play acoustic - I play a Martin with the normal Fishman pickup (that came with guitar).  I run a POD HD 500 with amp model off - I have EQs (first in the chain), no amp, mixer, very slight delay (20ms) and a small amount of Room Reverb.  We run it direct from POD to PA.  I've been using Auto and wonder if that is not the best for an acoustic guitar pickup.  Thanks in advance.

Re: "Guitar In Z" Setting [new feature]
by TheRealZap on 2013-03-15 11:07:55.1900

the guitar doesn't really make a difference...

auto sets the input z based on the input z of the first model\effect in the chain...

ultimately... what you hear wins.. so feel free to play with it...

but i tend to leave it to auto so that the effects behave as the real deal would.

Re: "Guitar In Z" Setting [new feature]
by STPLE on 2013-03-15 11:12:44.5040

Thanks.  I figured but wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something.  It's presently set to Auto now and it sounds really good.  I really appreciate your help!!

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