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Help with Pod Farm 2.5
by graeme75 on 2012-05-31 06:51:29.4840


Can anyone please help with this driving me mad

I recently received Pod Farm 2.5 Platinum version when I bought a spider IV 75.  I have just recently purchased Reason 6 (updated to 6.0.2).

My sound card is an M-audio Fast Track Pro plugged directly into my PC (not via a USB hub).  My OS is Vista (32 bit).

I have successfully authorised Pod Farm on my computer and all the extra cabs and amps are available on the L6 devices within Reason 6

It seems though I am unable to open Reason 6 and Pod Farm 2.5 simultaneously as they both require the M-Audio FTP and one seems to cancel out the other. Am I missing a setting somewhere or is this always the case?

I can create a tone in PF, save it, close the program, open Reason and load the new tone into one of the L6 amps.  It would be easier if I didnt have to close Pod Farm. I know in the L6 videos both Pod Farm and Reason (well record) are open simultaneously but L6 hardware is being used, not sure if this is the difference.

Also I can open Pod farm 2.5 as a VST in Reaper without any sound card conflicts.

Any help would be greatly appreciated



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