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by chemistrange on 2012-05-31 14:46:03.1880

My Flextone II HD amp has been acting strangely lately. Whenever I turn the power on.....the pilot normally comes on but the audio gets activated 5 minutes or so later. I haven't changed the memory battery since I bought it last 2000. The culprit I suspect is a weak battery. Has any of you encountered the same problem?  Please let me know. I can't afford to shell out another expensive service fee but I know how to replace the coin cell battery. I won't replace it untill I hear advices from our experts in this forum. Thanks in advance.

by darealagentp on 2012-06-01 15:53:53.9900

Although I personally cannot "guarantee" that the battery is the root cause, I can tell you that our repair techs all agree that 12 years is way beyond the expected lifetime of those internal memory backup batteries.

I say you replace it, because it is not a very pricey part. Replace it with a brand new one and re-check. Best case scenario: problem corrected. Worse case: you know that the issue is deeper than the battery and you'll have invested a few dollars plus whatever amount of time it took to open the unit up and remove/replace the battery.

by chemistrange on 2012-06-02 00:21:29.2220

Thanks for the quick reply/advice. It's nice to know that somebody like you understands the issue in question. I'll give you an update after trying to fix the problem.

by chemistrange on 2012-06-10 20:58:40.7770

I just finished replacing the internal memory backup battery. And, yep the original battery reading was already below 3V. However, it did not correct the main problem. As of now, the length of time for the audio to get activated from the time I turn the power on has dramatically 10 minutes. Amazingly, the sound hasn't deteriorated though. When the audio activates, I hear a loud "pop" from the speakers even with the voulume turned all the way off. I'm still hopeful that somebody out there has had the same experience with this amp. I still have one more thing to try.....I noticed that the wiring harness (3 terminals) that goes to the impedance selector board was kinda loose no matter how you try to insert it deeper. I'll try to make it tighter. I'm thinking that the audio on delay might be a protective circuit. I hope it is. I'll post an update as soon as time permits. Thanks in advance.

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