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by DHAZE on 2012-06-02 07:25:07.2250


I just bought the original (version 1) SpiderValve 112.

Here are 3 questions:

1) I found a nice clean sound I like and have copied to an my own preset. How can I change things like the volume/tone/repeats of the echo or the choice/depth of the chorus versus flanger when editing the setting?

2) Is there a way to assign different parameters (i.e. echo volume) to the volume/wah pedal and/or the additional expression pedal if using the FBV MKii pedalboard?

3) Is there a more detailed manual for the original SV 112 other than the (quite short) Pilot's Guide?

Much thanks for your help.

by mtnman82 on 2012-06-03 08:12:59.3350

The MkI Spider Valve is a simple beast, for better or worse...  The effects are what they are with the only adjustability being the knobs o nthe front panel.  The effects are much more adjustable on the MkII Spider Valve, and there are many more effects available on the MkII.  To answer your specific questions:

1)  Which clean sound (just curious)?  The volume/depth of the echo cannot be changed on the MkI (they can on the MkII).  I believe the repeats can be changed with the 'tap' button.  Also, the chorus/flanger is what it is and you only have control over speed, not depth.

2) No, there is no way to do this, even on the MkII, or even using the MkII shortboard.  If you're runing the MkII shortboard with the MkI amp, I believe you're missing control of the noise gate and the two fx buttons up top won't do anything.

3) Being such a simple beast, I believe the Pilot's Guide is it for manuals on the MkI - at least I've never seen another one...  Here's a link to a FAQ page with a link to the manual:

Hope that helps!

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