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Controlling wah postion via midi
by skmachette on 2012-06-02 23:39:43.4050


I recently bought a Pod Pro HD and after speaking with Line 6 UK, it was confirmed you can control the wah position via midi (CC4) using a mod wheel and or expression pedal. I've set it up accordingly but can't get the PodProHD to respond at all. I've checked the midi cable and made sure it's sending on the correponding midi channel etc. Can anyone let me know if i'm missing anything out?

Many thanks in advance!


Re: Controlling wah postion via midi
by jimsreynolds on 2012-06-03 03:29:46.5790

First off:  you need to make sure that your firmware is up to 2.0.   Versions before 1.4 did not support MIDI control at all.  Use Line 6 Monkey to check and update if needed.

Next, the advanced guide -->">"> says it is Midi CC1 that you assign to the first expression pedal and CC2 to the second.  Checkout Appendix C.  I do not know where Midi CC4 came from or why Line 6 suggested it.

You have to set up your HD so that:

  • The Expression pedal (EXP2 or EXP2) controls the Wah position
  • The MIDI CC controls the expression pedal position

You cannot map directly from the Midi CC to the Wah position. 

Does that make more sense?

Re: Controlling wah postion via midi
by skmachette on 2012-06-03 12:47:21.9150

Hi Jim,

Many thanks for your speedy reply. The firmware is upto date. It's a bit confusing as i did manage to get it too work by mapping the mod wheel to the CC for wah position and mapping the expression pedal (Yamaha F7) to the same CC. Sadly i can't remember the correct CC value as i read it in a post here which has been moved. There was an issue with the Exp pedal as it was only transmitting values from 64 to 127 which hasbeen proved to be a problem between the pedal and the axiom 61 keybard.

After speaking with Line 6 UK and they advised setting it to CC4 it all went a bit wrong and i did try as suggested but again with no joy. However i will try again, following your instructions to a tee!!!

Will update as soon as i have any info,

Thanks again Jim.



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