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by lennabahule on 2012-06-04 11:02:52.3060

hello, my name is Lenna. I am singer and I am using the JM4 looper for loop live perfomances. I got a few questions.

1- How can I pass from the recording using track from the recording list or even demos/beats to a new recording session without having to shut down the pedal.? Does any of that make sense?? well, I hope.

let me just write an example:

-i start a new recording. Finish it, save it, and I want to start a new one. How do I do that without having to remove the power source cable or pressing record on beats/demos tab.??

2- when I use the mic in the aux input it sounds very and a bit clearer than when I use the XLR input for mic. Cos I can record using the aux input and save. and then when am using the XLR input and I play what I recorded with the aux jack input its too loud and with that "chhhhhh" sound. how can I solve that?

3- I why does the sound come out a bit distorted????

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