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Tone sound clips
by Tipdog on 2012-06-05 03:16:21.6740

Hi all -

I am brand new to Line 6 (I purchased the HD500 yesterday!). I have been looking around the shared tones section on this site and the thing is, I want to listen to tons of them! Unless I am being thick and missing something, it takes AGES to download a bunch of tones, save them, drag them into EDIT and try them. Maybe this is one for the techs at Line 6, but I thought it would be neat to have a PLAY or SAMPLE icon next to each tone so you can hear a clip before downloading. Some clips are better than others and some are suitable for one person but not the next. As an example, if I want a Gilmour sound specifically for a song like Shine On (again for example), the creator of the tone could easily upload a clip as well as the tone so that it can be heard prior to downloading?

Does anyone know of somewhere where you can do this?



Re: Tone sound clips
by guitarzan8 on 2012-07-19 08:51:01.1850

I have thought and wanted this as well.  Some people record and post an mp3 of their sound here, but it's scattered among other posts so it wouldn't help me to quickly find the exact patch I want.

One technique I use is to search for a particular genre of tone on customtone.  I.E. searching for "clean" brings up a nice list to pick from.  A problem I ran into there was when searching for a good classic rock rythym tone, searched for "crunch" and got a whole plethora of tones.  Some were just uploaded by POD kiddies who find an amp model, then crank every knob up to 10, save, name and upload it. 

Another technique I used was the Ratings feature.  1st I select product HD500, then Expand View if it isn't already, then click on Rating.  That brings all the 5 star rated tones to the top of the list.  Currently there are 34 pages of them.  I can download them all one by one into a folder on my computer, then open each one in Gearbox to test it.  I know, it isn't "sampling" a patch, but it's the closest I've come to sampling "good" patches.  My question here is who rated them a "5", and how many quality players rated them?

In summary, I'm with you.  If customtone would allow us to upload a 300k sample of our tone (or require it ) it would greatly speed up the search for the utlimate patch!

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