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Line 6 Wireless IEM System Wish List
by Greg099 on 2012-06-05 05:35:33.0010

OK, like many others here, I am anxiously awaiting an announcement soon that Line6 is introducing a new line of Digital Wireless IEM systems.  I've bought Shure and Audio Technica's IEM systems and I can tell you that analog IEMs leave much to be desired.  I own a Variax JTV-69, HD 500, Relay G50, and even my old POD XT, so I am already sold on the Line 6 system when it comes out.  There is a huge pent up demand for a quality digital IEM system in a reasonably affordable range.  Lectronics has solved the latency issue, but most of us don't want to spend $4000 each for an IEM system.

I read through a previous thread on the subject:

A couple of comments, then on to the purpose of this thread:

1.  Line 6 isn't going to say anything about a new product until they are pretty sure it's going to work.

2.  One way to kill a new product line is to roll it out prematurely.

3.  The toughest challenge for Digital Wireless IEM is latency.  Converting analog to digital and back takes processing time.

4.  When Line6 solves this and introduces their IEM System, it will not be as inexpensive as the Relay systems.

I believe #3 is why Line6 can't simply reverese the boxes on the relay system and start making IEM systems.  4ms latency isn't bad with a guitar signal, but IEMs go straight into your brain and can be very disorienting if any delay is introduced.  I also own an inexpensive digital wireless IEM with latency issues, and it can be very distracting when you hear your voice echoing in your ears.  Even with that, the digital signal is so much clearer that I still prefer them to the much more expensive analog systems gathering dust in the closet.

So assuming Line 6 will solve the latency question and roll something out in the near future (NAMM 2013??), I propose that those of us on the Line 6 bandwagon lusting after a digital wireless IEM system post our wish list for features of this alleged system.  We know Line 6 monitors these discussions, so you nenver know when an idea might make it to the Product Dev team.

WISH #1:  I will start by requesting it include some clever means to mix in ambient sound at the performer station.  This is my biggest pet peeve performing live with wireless IEMs.  We use Alien Ears custom IEMs which do such a great job isolating us from stage noise that it is hard to hear anything other than what is coming through the monitor feed.  Even a stage level audience/ambient mic doesn't really help since many times it just introduces noise to the mix, and you still have a hard time hearing someone standing next to you on stage.  Nothing worse than screaming at each other on stage just to be heard!

Someone suggested a mic jack on the body pack that could take a small laveleir, but maybe they could include an actual built-in condenser mic on the pack itself that can be mixed in by the user on the pack.  Maybe the built-in mic would be muffled in a pocket or too noisy, but if they could make it work it would be a huge improvement.

What do you think?  # of channels, price point, features?  You never know who is listening....



Re: Line 6 Wireless IEM System Wish List
by David_James_Zero on 2012-11-25 19:39:43.9880

Sensa phonics 3d ambient Iem, but there expensive. They include the condensor and preamp body pack.

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