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Need help finding my tone.
by boydgrossii on 2012-06-06 09:01:36.6700

I've made some tones that I enjoy, but not any that I really want to just keep.  I'm trying to find a distortion tone that is nice and bright, but I can palm mute and it sound good and not too weak.  I got the bright side down, but when I palm mute, the low end keeps ringing out.  When I turn the bass down, it just sounds really weak.  I'm using the treadplate model as it seems to provide the best gain and high with the Hi 4x12 cab and the SM57 (from memory as I'm not at my desk at home) on Axis.  I am using a hard gate as well, but I'm still getting some "noise" when a strike a note and it startes to fade out, noise accompanies it.

So, I wanted to see what I'm doing wrong as well as find out how some of the members found "their tone".  The one that they tweaked and said, "Man, this is the one."

Re: Need help finding my tone.
by silverhead on 2012-06-06 09:10:17.2110

Try this:">">

.. and if you like it, see the Donate button at the top of the page? 

The author is a very dedicated and knowledgeable forum member here, and is well-deserving of some help with his efforts on our behalf.

Re: Need help finding my tone.
by boydgrossii on 2012-06-06 09:15:35.4980

Don't tell me what to do!!! got me.  I'm going to try this after I screw in the handles for the drawers at home.  I know this pedal will do all I want.  I just wish I could get some more DSP on a distortion tone.

Re: Need help finding my tone.
by wetredbox on 2012-06-07 19:10:02.7350

I find the distortions lacking.  I have found though that a good analog boost or OD before the HD and to dial down the treble and the drive past 2 o clock on the modeled distortion seems to help get a real feel.  but alas, they do not sound that good after all.  still pass-able

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