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by al-wizard on 2012-06-09 11:08:13.4650

Dear friends,

In my studio and live gigs I'm using gear: LOPTOP + POD STUDIO GX (with Pod Farm 2) + FVB mkII and it works perfect for me since I can manage sounds, set lists and everything in computer and possibilities are endless. But since I'm constantly looking to improve and make my gear better sounding I have a question for line 6:

Are POD STUDIO GXs' DA/AD output characteristics worse then ones' from sound processors like POD HD or ant other devices? If yes or partly yes, would you give me any recommendation to upgrade my STUDIO GX hardware in order to keep using computer based approach (someLine6Hardware + POD FARM + FVB mkII)  I'm using now? For example POD STUDIO  UX1 (UX2) might comes with better hardware characteristics? Or any other ways to make it even more PRO sounding hardware and software combination?

Thanks a lot for cooperation,


by jws1982 on 2012-06-11 09:27:56.8710

The physical A/D converters in each unit probably aren't that different.  It would be the processing that makes the big difference.  POD HD models are completely different from the ground up.  I'd recommend just trying out a POD HD for a few days.  You'll find out quickly whether you prefer it or not. 

by al-wizard on 2012-06-11 11:16:47.1230

Ok, thanks for answer, I see what you mean, I'm sure HD devices are best in sound modeling. But POD FARM (+studio gx hardware) is the solution for every need, I can:

1. Record, I do serious arrangements based 90% on guitar tracks. I need flexibility like twicking and re-amping (VST) sound after recording done.  

2. I play live gigs, standalone POD FARM in laptop, making SETS and controlling it with FVB mkII. It works perfect as well as recording work. But I just want and need mentioned above tasks in HD quality.

Using HD500 I can do only #2 (ok, it's by design so), both can work as audio unterfaces. So these two solutions are huuuuge difference in possibilities. And nowadays, computer based solution has everything in it and easy to upgrade. But phisical units, even so perfect processors like POD HD500, actually is just expansive boxes, tomorrow it will be outdated as much as POD XT today. Also I'm not so rich to change them as quickly as they changes now, but I'm ok and willing to buy upgrades for computer's POD FARM to make it FARM HD for instance : ) and to get a better then STUDIO GX PRO interface with better A/C converters as well .

I really do not want to change computer station with phisical unit like POD HD500 is. Perhaps I'm looking for POD FARM HD with best hardware? ... or looking for solution to unite those aspects (computer base, HD sound modelling, PRO hardware) in one modern technical solution.

Would you agree with me? And is there any intentions to produce something like I tried to describe ?

Thanks for answering.

by jws1982 on 2012-06-11 11:37:34.5430

I'd love to see a POD Farm HD.  Hopefully Line 6 is working on this.  It'd be super-easy for them to create, I think they're just waiting to release it.  Perhaps they can do some combination of POD Farm 2 and HD models, where any models that aren't done in HD right now are still available.

For example, the mic preamp models in POD Farm 2 are great.  I use them all the time.  To my knowledge, these aren't available in any HD products.  They should be, as most of the time people just run POD's straight into the board.  Having a mic preamp model in the post position does wonders for the guitar tone in those cases.

Sounds like you should stick to your current setup.  Personally, that'd be the way I'd go too.  Just upgrade software when/if POD Farm HD comes out.

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