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SV MK II and FBV Shortboard (original)
by mvstein on 2012-06-09 12:42:39.8010

Can anyone direct me to a place where I can see what the FBV shortboard will and will not control on a Spider Valve MK II?

I'm especially curious to know if I can punch in the harmonizer using pedal control.

I currently own a Flextone III and FBV Shrtboard and I'm contemplating the SV MK II


Re: SV MK II and FBV Shortboard (original)
by spaceatl on 2012-06-09 14:08:00.3710

I have the Mk1 and the Mk2 shortboards...I also have a Flex IIIXL, SV MK1 and MK2...the MK1 board works quite nicely with the SV Mk2...Basically, the thing that is missing is function 2 which is the boost on the SV Mk2...outside of that, everything else is pretty much the same...I prefer the Mk1 shortboard for a few reasons...the main one being the display...nothing else really comes close...

Re: SV MK II and FBV Shortboard (original)
by mtnman82 on 2012-06-09 17:57:50.0700

Space is mostly correct, except that Function 1 on the MkI shortboard will control the noise gate regardless of which Spider Valve amp you're plugged into (MkI or MkII).  Conversely, if you plug a MkII shortboard into a Spider Valve MkI you will NOT get the boost (function 1) for the MkI amp, and of course you will not get any loop function out of the function 2 button.  So basically MkI FBV will work as described on a MkI or MkII amp, but with the MkII FBV on a MkI amp you will lose the function buttons (i.e. they won't do anything).

Other than that, the bank/channel/stomp/modulation/delay/reverb/tap buttons all work the same between the various combinations.

Re: SV MK II and FBV Shortboard (original)
by mvstein on 2012-06-10 09:27:15.0870

Thanks for the replies, they're very informative and I appreciate them.

Can the harmonizer be controlled (off or on) from an origional shortboard?

If so which button on the board will control it?

It's safe to assume modulation will control FX 2 knob   Delay for FX 3 and Reverb for the Reverb knob.

it's that pitchglide/smart harmony that I need to know about for some Boston tunes!

Re: SV MK II and FBV Shortboard (original)
by mvstein on 2012-06-10 09:59:49.6660

Space, I see in the advanced SV guide that the wah pedal can be assigned to pitch glide.

Could you tell me how this really works in an applied situation to controling the harmonizer?

(With the original FBV Shortboard)

Re: SV MK II and FBV Shortboard (original)
by spaceatl on 2012-06-10 12:02:35.2150

Yes, I have a 7 Nation Army Patch in my SV MK2...doesn't matter which board I use, the pedal acts the same...I did have to recalibrate my MK1, but that was because the arm in mine had gotten a little out of whack (bent) and I could not get it to go to zero...once I got the bend back correct and calibrated, I have been able to switch out between both boards without any problem with the wah...The only thing that I really miss is the booster...That is a nicely done feature on the SV MK2...So I do tend to use the MK2 board a bit more with that amp...

I am not sure if you have tried one or not, but I think it might be worth your time to try out an HD Bean....They work very nicely with the MK1 shortboard and you could just use the power amp from your Flexy...If the harmonizer is really important to you, the HD does that a lot better than the SV MK2 does...I think the amp models are quite a bit better also...Anyway, just a thought based on some of the gear you have...

Re: SV MK II and FBV Shortboard (original)
by mvstein on 2012-06-11 15:26:28.8840

Well I went and did it...  I found someone on Ebay selling an SV Mk II LOCALLY for an insane price in mint condition and I bought it.

Plugged in my MK I Shortboard and noticed almost immediately that the stomp would control patches that had smart harmony.

Today I sat with it and when I was done I had Tom Scholz's tone and the perfect harmony going for "Something About You"

It was all in the deep editing.  Sometimes after fidgiting, the sweet tone would get gnarly and uglified with the harmony.

I discovered that changing a smart harmony setting from pre to post would clean it up perfectly.

I'm in love with this amp even my wife commented on the tone. If I had to criticize anything so far, it's that the damn thing is too loud LOL.

But little by little I'm taming the beast.  After a few tries I figured out how to move patches to new locations.

I like to get the sound I like and then copy that same sound to a few banks and assign each bank of the sound with different effects.

32A Clean - modulation = chorus, 32B Crunch - modulation = chorus, 32C High Gain - modulation = chorus

31A Clean - modulation = phaser, 32B Crunch - modulation = phaser, 32C High Gain - modulation = phaser

30A Clean - modulation = flanger, 32B Crunch - modulation = flanger, 32C High Gain - modulation = flanger

You get the idea...

I'm ready to start programing her for our set list.  Thanks for your help my friend and rock on : )

Re: SV MK II and FBV Shortboard (original)
by spaceatl on 2012-06-12 19:58:03.7460

Yes, this amp has a touchy master volume...congrats...glad to hear you are getting what you want...

I tell you something that sounds quite nice on these amps is running a Flextone III preamp into that SV power amp...that has never been a gig practical thing to do for me, but I have hooked it up at home and rehearsals a couple of times and boy does that power amp make the old Flexy come alive...jsut something fun...enjoy!

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