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Connecting the X3 LIVE to Blackstar HT-40 Club
by omer442 on 2012-06-10 08:51:05.4700

Hey guys, Im having troubles connecting the pod to the amp.

I want to use the POD ONLY for the effects (Stomp,Delay,Mod) WITHOUT the amp modeling.

I tried the 4 cables method and almost everything but it didnt work, each diffrent method made me use the amp modeling and not my Blackstar HT-40 Club overdrive channel.

What should I do?

Re: Connecting the X3 LIVE to Blackstar HT-40 Club
by guitarseven on 2012-06-10 21:18:02.1600

Hey omer442,

I, like you have recently purchased a tube amp and still have my X3 and want to use it for effects without the amp model.  I tried a few different hook up configurations and here is what I did to get the effects.  First you start with a new patch.  Just find a blank one.  Look at your amp models and turn the knob till you see pre amp for the type.  Then use your directional button to move to the bottom of the screen and turn off the cab and mike models.  Once you do this your dedicated EQ knobs on the front of the pod will no longer be changing anything because they have no model to control.  The exception to this is the master volume and reverb knobs.  Now, you need to check your input screen.  Set tone 1 and 2 to guitar.  Unless of course you use tone 2 for a mike.  I just have them set the same.  Then you look at the outputs.  Page 1 is studio direct.  Turn both tones on and set the pan in the middle.  That way if you ever need to use tone 2 it will be there.  Page 2 is 1/4" outputs.  In your case I would set the live mode to combo front.  Now you will have to adjust your lows so your amp sounds nice and full on the bottom end. (if that is what you like of course)  Now the plug in part.  Plug your guitar into the guitar in on the POD like normal.  Then run a cable from your left 1/4" out on the POD to the inpit on the amp.  Now you can start tweaking your empty patch.  I hope this helps.  If I did not explain it right it is all explained in your manual under inputs and outputs. Section 6, pages 1-3.  And tweaking tones, amp and cab, Section 5, pages 1-3.


Re: Connecting the X3 LIVE to Blackstar HT-40 Club
by Benni2407 on 2012-06-19 09:29:19.0530


I am using the exact same configuration as you do. Also have the POD X3 Live connected to my Blackstar HT-Club 40 Amp. And it sounds absolutely amazing!!!

Here some advices:

1. Turn off every effect-block in your POD (including Amp-Modelling and everything!)

2. make sure, that you realized the 4 cable method right! (guitar -> POD's guitar input; POD's fx-send -> Blackstar Input; Blackstar's fx send -> POD's fx return (mono!); POD's Live out -> Blackstar's fx-return)

3. set "post" configuration for effects like delay, Mod, reverb; Stomp should be "pre" not "post"

4. activate the effects you want to hear.

It helps a lot, to play around with the output level of the fx-send, because that influences the gain that goes into the Blackstar's preamp!

Tell us, if it helped to solve your problems!



Re: Connecting the X3 LIVE to Blackstar HT-40 Club
by Delrevo on 2012-06-23 12:36:13.4230

+1 to Benni2407 : This setup is working great for me with my X3 Live connected to my HT Stage 60. I love the natural driven channel from OD2, but there is a lot of hiss. For those that hate the hiss, I am using a Boss NS2 noise suppressor. Using a 5th cable (or Patch cable as Im using), plug the patch cable  from the Live Out to the input of the NS2. The Output of the NS2 goes to the amp's fx-return. Settings for the NS2 are: Mode: Reduction, Threshold: 60% and Decay about 25%.  Hi volumes in between songs or pauses in solos are now bearable.

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