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Problem with X3 (via USB) and Reaper
by samsunnyuk on 2012-06-14 10:39:20.0260

HI guys, having an irritating problem here,

My computer screen is turning black and freezing whenever I am running Reaper with my X3 live plugged in by usb and have a VST-i running (or even just browsing the VSTs). It can crash instantly but sometimes runs for a few minutes first. This has started happening since an old hard disk became corrupt (which I have since replaced)... I have tried:

Adding more RAM/Memory to my computer (now have 2gb)

Turning off/on most of the VST settings in Reaper

Using the Line 6 Pod ASIO (rather then asio4all)

Updating Pod drivers

Updating Reaper
Re-installing Reaper

I am running Windows XP Pro

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

Re: Problem with X3 (via USB) and Reaper
by samsunnyuk on 2012-06-17 05:55:34.7840

After some research I've determined that it is my pod unit that is failing. A known problem where the USB signal can become randomly intermittent, causing a fatal system error. Running "WhoCrashed" has shown me that it is the Pod driver that is causing the error. After updating the Pods firmware and doing a fresh install of all system software and drivers, it looks like I'll be calling Line 6 for reapairs...

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