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ux2 effects versus old pod. (red)
by geobee on 2012-06-15 18:27:30.2140

Hi all, having got the ux2 working properly, I notice that the majority of the effects are distortion related ones, suited to rock styles. As I am mainly a country style player, I am finding myself spending much time scrolling through the list, stopping on effects, then modifying them to my satisfaction, but then still not entirely happy. I also have the red colour POD unit that I am running into the line inputs on the ux2, and to be honest, I can get a better, cleaner effect that way. As an example, I love the Shadows/ Hank Marvin guitar sound, but have to use the red Pod to get it. Surely the effects in the old Pod should be in the UX2 or be possible to "cook up'' in it. Maybe someone has found the "recipe'' for some good clean sounds, as I am sure, that with all the available combinations, they would be possible. I just dont want to spend all my studio time fiddling to get them. Kind regards. Geoff

Re: ux2 effects versus old pod. (red)
by hulbert on 2012-06-17 04:15:30.6680

Hi Geobee,

      I'll have another try with settings when I try my other guitar which has single coils (a la Hank), but I tried my blacktop strat mostly with humbucker bridge position but tried the split coil positions (which give a single coil twang etc. but mixing inner or outer sides of the two humbuckers (so not quite the single coil strat sound), and liked this setting ( I tested it by having a bit of a go at Atlantis and Foot Tapper )  

Pod farm standalone:

1. pod's overall noise gate either on or off - on I have it at minus74db threshold and 1 decay

2. tape echo with time185 (depends on song speed etc. though) bass 50 treble 50 feedback 63 mix 42

3.class a-30 top boost amp with  drive 39, bass 39, cut 88, treble 69, presence 38, volume 100

4. 4 band eq at  4.7 at 50,  9.5 at 100, minus 3.8 at 600, minus 5.6 at 9.3

5. cavernous reverb with all at 50

6. pod output volume at 100

I had a version which may sound a bit louder and better but it had to have compression on, and I don't know if I like the idea of compression when doing some of Hank's changes  from loud to soft - I think you'd probably prefer to be able to really go soft at times and back to loud, without the compressor keeping it all within a certain range of volume.

I am playing through some stereo speakers, so it might sound different on your setup i.e. if you have monitors or different speakers.

As I said, I'll try my other guitar (although the bridge pickup in that is also a humbucker but it has two single coils too.

I should have said - My humbucker position gives more output than my split single coil tones, so I tried mainly the humbucker because it is the one at full volume. This is something to do with how this guitar is wired. Your single coil though should give the volume like when my humbucker is used - thats why I mainly set the settings for that one. Hope that makes sense - bit confusing.

(Just had a quick go with my other guitar. Not sure if the eq sounds quite Hank-like, but you could try tweaking the eq or amp eq a bit and see if you get it more like Hank. On my strat it sounds better though. By the way, I was quite surprised with the a-30 in pod farm. I don't usually use it as I had tried it and didn't like the sound, but maybe I just hadn't fiddled with it enough. I usually use the blackface lux in podfarm for clean sounds but I think now I'll try this more

God Bless,


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