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Nasty clipping on the synths
by faintpariah on 2012-06-16 02:40:35.8380

I have not long had an m13 and think that they are pretty good so far.

The most disappointing thing I have found so far is the quality of the synth patches.

When I play ombré than one note at a time, even just resonant noise from other strings, the synths, eg string synth, just degrades and makes very nasty, digital sounding artefacts.

It happens when I turn the gain down or in any of the stable to hazard settings.

Can anyone suggest any reasons for this or is this 'normal'.

I will be very disappointed if this is what these patches are really like.  I have a digitech ex-7 with includes a synth and it does not do this.  Neither does another synth way pedal I have owned.

Do you guys have any thoughts or advice?



Re: Nasty clipping on the synths
by phil_m on 2012-06-16 07:59:34.4850

The synths are all monophonic, so if you try to play chords or more than one not at a time, you'll hear the sorts of things you're talking about.

I used to have the Digitech EX-7 as well, and the Synth Swell effect that you're talking about on that pedal isn't really a true guitar synth. It's more like a pitch shifted reverb somewhat similar to the Octoverb effect on the M13.

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