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JTV-69 and string breaks as the saddle??
by stugatzo on 2012-06-17 09:38:56.5690

I've had my new JTV-69 for about two weeks and have ben playing it moderately at home but nothing aggressive.

(By the way i love the look, feel and sound of it?!!)

Last night I played my first live show with it and two songs from the end of our third set, the A sting broke at the bridge/saddle.

I've played four FULL shows with the same set of Elixir 10-46s on my old Variax 500 and luckily had it as a backup ready to go last night.

I've used elixirs for five years and rarely if EVER have I broken a string live so I'm wondering if this is a feature of the saddles or if it was just a fluke?

What's the general experience with breakage and a possible design flaw?


Re: JTV-69 and string breaks as the saddle??
by phil_m on 2012-06-17 10:00:21.4330

I've not noticed complaints about string breakage. It could be you have a sharp spot on one of the saddles, or it could be a bad string. Actually, back a few years ago, it seemed that I had a lot of Elixir acoustis strings break at the ball end. Really, you need to replace the string and see if it happens again before you can really draw any conclusions.

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