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Flextone 1 with Floorboard jumping effects and channels on its own
by najrellim on 2012-06-18 09:53:11.3120

When using my Flextone 1 and Floorboard (FBV) onstage, sometimes I will step on a Floorboard setting button and get a completely different sound setting than what is normally assigned to that button. If I quickly reboot the amp, the problem will go away and the correct sound setting will be there for that particular button.

But the other night, the FBV really threw me a curve. Normally when I power up the Flextone 1 and Floorboard, I normally see a P-0 (manual mode), then when I select Channel Up or Channel Down; I see three levels of presets P1-P3. Not only was I experiencing the previously mentioned wrong sound setting issue, but an extra P-4 channel suddenly appeared. When I rebooted the amp, the P-4 channel disappeared.

Has anyone else experienced this kind of Flextone 1 / FBV behavior ? I wondered if it might be erratic power outlets in the club I was playing that caused it.

My second guess would be that my CAT 5 cable is shot. Anyone know ?

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