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Any Tech 21 Power engine with hd500 users?
by rounsph on 2012-06-19 14:21:30.8620

K, I have had the pod hd500 about 4  months now and I pair it with the tech 21 power engine 1x12. I play in a rock pop cover band and I have converted from using tube amps because of the volume complaints and I needed more options for sounds. I can coax semi decent sounds out of this but I am wondering if anyone has advice? I know everyone's ear is different. Here is the problem. Mostly sustain issues...all the notes seem to deaden too early and I can't get decent controlled feedback when wanted. I have seen other posts advising to turn up the volume to push the speakers and to remove or reduce the noise gates which I have done to no avail. This is with any model, high or low gain, I am also adding a screamer in front and tweaking, I still can't get it. Even letting notes ring out on clean amps doesn't seem to ring out quite as long as I had hoped. Conversely, I have a fender gdec 30 for pracice that rings out and feeds back for eons if I want it to, so it's not the guitars...strat and les Paul. As for effects, some are good, delays, modulation, a couple of good dist effects. Am I setting the reverbs wrong or do they all seem too much? Even when set to lower settings. Is the univibe really that bad or is it a settings issue? Good chorus? Other things would be the line or combo power amp settings? Mics cabs on or off? Input 1 guitar and input 2 variax? I have tried this setting but seem to lose umph on Hoyer gain models. Any advice is appreciated.

Re: Any Tech 21 Power engine with hd500 users?
by mabbaticchio on 2012-06-19 18:36:38.2840

Are you using noise gates in yout patches?

Re: Any Tech 21 Power engine with hd500 users?
by rounsph on 2012-06-19 20:32:24.5640

Ya, I have pulled most out...still struggling though. Tonight at practice I was able to get some sustain an and feedback from the marshal jcm800 but still am trying to find the right tones for my setup.

Re: Any Tech 21 Power engine with hd500 users?
by ciadude2 on 2012-06-20 14:43:27.6220

Try adding a compressor, or one of the overdrive models(but keep the settings as subtle as possible if you want to keep your tone mostly in tact).

Re: Any Tech 21 Power engine with hd500 users?
by ddewees on 2012-06-20 17:12:17.4140

How are you connecting to the PE60? 1/4 or XLR. I've been using the XLR out from the POD to the XLR In  on the PE60 but I center all of my patches. My other XLR out goes to the board at church. Centering the patches on the mixer really boosts the volume. If you are using the 1/4 out to the 1/4 in on the PE60 I don't think the panning comes into play so you may want to experiment with the Line/Amp switch and the Output settings (StudioDirect or ComboPwrAmp). One of those settings seemed to increase the volume.

Finally, I had good results when I changed Input setting on the Input 2 to Variax or other (i think) stopped some clipping and opened up the tone a little.

I'm only about 6 weeks on this rig so I am still learning on the fly.Me PE60 is at church right now so I haven't been able to experiment too much at home.

Re: Any Tech 21 Power engine with hd500 users?
by Aeolianreflex on 2012-06-21 21:09:45.2480

I was using two PE 60 4X10's for quite a while and never had a sustain problem using the high gain models however the cleaner models tended to sound a little flat and lifeless so I am now using a Blackstar and loving it. But I digress... 

Are you using full amp sims or just the preamp sims?  Since the PE is solid state and meant to just amplify the signal as it is received, full sims work much better and sound much fuller as well. The preamp sims are designed to drive a tube power amp and that in turn will create more sustain but it just doesn't work that way on the PE.

I always used the 1/4" input and set the HD's master to 100%. Never used the XLR inputs so I can't comment on those. Moving the balance to center will certainly make for a more upfront sound but won't really add sustain. Using a compressor as the first effect in the chain will help to drive the signal and hit the HD's preamp harder just like an analog amp and should help with sustain.  Stay away from noise gates if you really don't need one.

If you are using full amp sims and have the drive past 12 o'clock and still don't get decent sustain, try testing using headphones. If you still can't get sustain it could be a faulty unit.  As far as the effects go, they are really top notch in most cases but the default setting can be over the top and require tweaking.  Effect placement is important as well and some experimenting should give you good results. 

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