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firmware unknown
by zerod on 2012-06-21 09:15:39.1130

i have a pod hd500 and an imac (i also tried with a lenovo win7 same error). latest driver 7.1.5

L6Monkey v.1.57 says flash memory is unknown, i have successfully updated the pod firmware to 2.02, but for L6Monkey is still unknown.

The problem is when i open pod hd500 edit v2.00,  it gives the error (requires version 1.30 or later) so i cant use it.

any suggestion? thanks.

Re: firmware unknown
by zerod on 2012-06-22 11:19:41.2820

solved, but i don't know how..

unistall driver reinstall, restart,off, on, install, ???

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