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Flextone II Problem - Horrific noise from the second I turn it on.
by donkeymon on 2012-06-23 16:48:52.2250

I have a Flextone II XL which I have been using for several years with no problems. Suddenly, it can do nothing except generate a horrible buzzing noise. The noise is at the full volume of the amp, and happens no matter the settings on any of the dials, including the volume. Even if I set everything to zero, it still happens from about 2 seconds after I turn the power on. Even with no guitar plugged in.  I have tried different power cords and wall outlets with no effect. I suspect the cause may be that this guy kicked the extension cord out of the wall and cut off the power while I was playing. It worked after that for about ten minutes, and then the noise started. Any ideas about what I should do?

Re: Flextone II Problem - Horrific noise from the second I turn it on.
by ogleweed on 2012-07-22 13:39:54.5480

I'm in the same boat.  Nothing but a loud hum with barely audiable input in the distant backgroud.  I've tried the factory reset, no change.  I would think there is an issue with power conditioning or something.  Sounds like a common issue....

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