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HD500 volume problem on other patches
by jay182 on 2012-06-27 07:45:19.3460

I bought my HD500 last June 10, 2012 and I started making my own patches for live use (I used USER 1 to save my patches). I plugged my HD 500 in the power amp of my amp and I used the line switch and I also used combo amp settings. I was able to successfully make my 1st 4 patches in User 1, bank 1 (A, B, C, D). My problem is when I tried making my other patches on the next banks, there was a dramatic loss of volume even if I will make the same settings similar to bank 1. My solution is to copy the patch/patches that I made on bank 1 user1 on the next bank and just edit them to maintain the proper volume. But my question is: is this normal?! Or is this a firmware problem. By the way I'm using ver 1.3, I didn't update my firmware to version 2.0 because. Thanks!

Re: HD500 volume problem on other patches
by jay182 on 2012-06-27 11:23:04.6770

By the way I didn't use the edit software. I made my patches manually. Here's the signal chain: fassel wah (mix 80%) - tube screamer (drive: 10, bass: 50, treble:50, tone: 70, output: 80) - dual rectifier full amp mode (I didn't perform any deep edit; drive 70, bass: 60, middle: 65, treble: 75, presence: 40, volume: 70; default cab and mic settings).  I didn't edit the mixer so no volume boost or whatsoever. Master volume is 50%.
But if I'm going to make this patch again on bank 2, the volume will be 25% lower than in bank 1. I'm so confused.

Re: HD500 volume problem on other patches
by jimsreynolds on 2012-06-27 12:16:49.8190

Couple of things it could be.   The easiest way for us to check is if you could post up

-  a good patch

-  a problem patch based on that good patch. 

If you want to do this you will need to

  1. Save the patches using HD Edit
  2. rename each patch file as FileName.jpg - this site does not allow you to upload files with the default HD Edit file extension - e.g. 'clean.jpg'
  3. Reply to this post and use the 'Advanced Editor'  A file upload box will appear at the bottom of the editing window

Some ideas though:

  • Are you using the full version of the amplifier or the 'pre' version on your problem patch?
  • Are the input settings on your old patch the same as your new patch (e.g. Input 1 = Guitar, Input 2 = same) ?

Re: HD500 volume problem on other patches
by jay182 on 2012-06-28 00:37:44.6210

Im using the full version of the amp. I'm also using input1: guitar input2:same. I will try to post the patches with the same settings on different banks. Thanks!

Re: HD500 volume problem on other patches
by jay182 on 2012-06-29 10:30:47.8070

I was able to trace the culprit! It's the mixer! For amp A the pan is 0% but for amp B it's 100% right (even if I didn't use dual amp mode). Thanks so much!

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