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Vetta II HD Stereo/Mono.....
by flarocks on 2012-06-28 10:21:16.7590

Just a point, I run my Vetta head into a JSX cabinet in MONO. For any preset you use regardless of 1 amp or 2, you must turn the pan controls to go left. I couldn't figure out why my factory presets sounded like garbage, as well as why some of my presets did not sound correct no matter how hard I tried. I went in and panned everything hard left and Voila, perfect. There is no mention of this in the manual as Line 6 assumes you are going to run stereo. I still run two signal paths with effects and all, but they are all coming out the left/ mono side. I would have thought changing the amp from stereo to mono this would have occurred automatically. Anyway, no harm done and my amp is still killing!!!!!!!!!!

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