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RE: Fbv Shortboard Fx Loop Button & Power Issues.
by WickedWenchLead on 2012-06-28 20:20:23.4050

I Love the Line6 technology and will not be able to part with it. Great work Line6 Team!!! I have an issue with live performance. I currently run a 150w Spider III half Stack with FBV Shortboard. No other FX. Last live performance our band was not miced to pa. I had to solely rely on amp power alone.I usually run master volume at 12 to 1 o'clock. Pushed it to 3 o'clock but  still I was unable to cut through the mix with this amp. At practice i accidently stepped on the FX Loop button and the volume of the amp nearly doubled, squealed and killed ears. From previous research i was always under the impression that this button has no effect/ does nothing apart fom editting program names.(unless using a loop which i do not). Now why would there be a huge flutuation in volume when the FX button is pushed on? It becomes quite noisy aswell eg noise without playing. Is this fx loop pedal button associated with the noise gate at all?  I am mow looking into running a power amp and using this head as a pre amp or HD100 MKII into a custom Cabinet?. I am a semi-professional lead player but this amp due to perhaps my Line6 ignorance is making me look under Par. Please Advise, Regards, Berko, Line6 Lover.

Re: RE: Fbv Shortboard Fx Loop Button & Power Issues.
by fflbrgst on 2012-07-05 15:22:37.9890

Sounds like the Loop button activated the BOOST setting.

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