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Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by Werkshop on 2012-07-02 19:07:31.7730

Hey guys! This is my first post here as I'm buying a JTV-69 and HD500 soon, and had a question regarding the neck in the JTV-69.

First, I've heard the horror stories about the E strings slipping off, but it's not enough to scare me away from this kickass guitar! Have there been any changes made to the quality control of these guitars? Even if there hasn't, I've been looking into changing the neck to something with a wider nut (I have hamburger hands), an ebony fretboard on it (to help with synth tracking after I install a GK-KIT-GT3 in it), and a locking nut.

What Warmoth guitar necks are compatible with this guitar? Also, are there any other sites that would have what I'm looking for? It doesn't have to be Warmoth, as long as it's still great quality and preferably customizable.

Oh and are the Variax guitar necks on Warmoth only for the 300, 500, or 700's? From what I've gathered, I assume the Warmoth Variax necks wouldn't be compatible with the JTV-69, sadly... (as I've already picked one out).

However, let me share the specs I selected for that neck, and if someone can, would you tell me if everything else would be compatible and optimal. (Specs below)

If you can't tell, I've been fretting about this new set-up of mine for quite awhile and I want it to be PERFECT, so if someone can give me a few pointers it would be greatly appreciated.



Here are your final build specifications. Please check them over carefully for accuracy. We also encourage you to use the print button and print out a hard copy for your own records. Thank you for using the Warmoth Neck Builder!


Style: Variax

Construction: Warmoth Pro Angled

Scale: 25-1/2 in.

Neck Wood: $328.00 USD

Shaft Wood: Padouk

Fingerboard Wood: Ebony (Black)

Unique Choice Fingerboard: FB1355+ $45

Orientation: Right Handed+ $0.00

Nut Width: 1 11/16"+ $0.00

Back Shape: Standard thin+ $0.00

Radius: 10-16" compound+ $0.00

# of Frets: 22+ $0.00

Fret Size: SS6115 (Stainless)+ $65.00

Tuner Ream: Gotoh/Grover (13/32", 11/32")+ $0.00

Inlays: Pearloid Nightswan+ $90.00

Pre-Cut Installed String Nut: R4 Floyd Prep, w/ Mounting Holes+ $55.00

Mounting Holes: Standard 4 Bolt+ $0.00

Binding: Pearloid+ $110.00

Price: $693.00

P.S. Will the Padouk wood (unfinished) match well with the 3-tone sunburst model of the JTV-69? Sorry for all the questions!

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by player99 on 2012-07-02 22:08:07.8630

From what I have read posted online by others is the regular strat neck fits the JTV69. There is one screw that will need to be drilled in the neck, but other than that I understand it is a good fit.

Remember when you get a Warmoth neck you will need a luthier to file and crown the frets, set up the guitar etc. That may cost an extra $300.

The other thing to consider is L6 will void the warranty on your guitar if you change the neck, including the electronics. There are some people on this board that will probably post that they don't, or that it is not true, but I have been told by different L6 reps that is will void all warranty. Unless I see that it does not in writing by a L6 person who is in a position to say it won't  I am not going to change it.

The new 69 has 6100 frets. They are larger than the ones you have chosen.

If I was buying a JTV69 neck I would get 1/4 sawn maple and Paw Ferro board with 6100 SS frets.

I also see you have not specified a finish. Are you doing this yourself?

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by Werkshop on 2012-07-03 15:11:58.6740

I was going to leave the neck unfinished, as with Padouk wood it's not necessary and honestly, I prefer the feeling of a smooth, unfinished neck.

Any reasons for choosing the 1/4 sawn maple? Also, I'm pretty sure the ebony fretboard would be the best choice, as I'm going to be using the GR-55 with it, and I've heard a million times that ebony is the best-tracking wood available (but I may be wrong). Would fret size difference matter that much? I thought it was just preference. Also, I'm not worried about voiding the warranty. I just want a playable guitar.

Oh, and I'll be doing all of the luthier-work on the neck.

I've also heard that the Strat neck fits, but are there any other choices, or am I stuck with it?

Thanks man.

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by player99 on 2012-07-03 17:51:57.1780

There are the strat conversion necks, that change the scale to the Gibson 24 3/4"...

I have a gr-55. It tracks pretty good with the original neck.

I understand the 1/4 sawn neck is the best for stability and density, but I am not sure.

I just like jumbo frets. (although they don't seem that largeto me.)

I think it is just the heal that fits the body.

You seem to know more than me...! Cheers and good luck!

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by Werkshop on 2012-07-03 18:42:37.3020

"I just like jumbo frets. (although they don't seem that largeto me.)"

AHH! I can't stand jumbos! Nothing worse than a series of speedbumps for my fingers! 

"You seem to know more than me...!"

Haha, no, I don't think I know all that much when it comes to these things, or I wouldn't be asking. But thanks for your help man. I'll take your word on the quarter-sawn maple!

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by player99 on 2012-07-03 19:23:58.9630

I think  quartersawn maple is the choice cut. Maple is the old school strat neck wood. If you want the pop and tone of a really nice strat, then 1/4 sawn maple is what you want. If you go with other woods then you may get different tonal characteristics.

Have you leveled and crowned frets before sucessfully? I bought a Warmoth neck and the sales guy said they go right on no problem. After I got it and it needs leveling and crowning I called them back to ask them why my neck is not as described. They handed me off to this other guy who said they pretty much all need to be leveled and crowned and set up, nut slots etc, it is in the fine print on the website...   

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by Werkshop on 2012-07-03 22:13:34.0170

Yeah, that damn fine print... :/ You'd figure the least they could do is crown and level the frets, but oh well...

And no, I haven't done it before, but I have printed out a very good technique and I'll be buying all of the necessary tools. I'm working at being a luthier, so this'll be a nice practice.

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by player99 on 2012-07-03 22:45:39.1310

I would not want to practice on my brand new neck... If your goal is to have a better neck, or the best neck possible, I would still find the best luthier and get him to do it. Learn on some cheapies.

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by Werkshop on 2012-07-04 08:55:44.7160

Eh, I suppose it would be smarter to use an old beat-around neck, but the method I'll be using is nearly impossible to screw up. I'm a very thorough perfectionist, so I'll take me dear sweet time.

If worse comes to worse and I mess up, I'll take it to my friend who's a luthier and get a free re-fretting.

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by Werkshop on 2012-07-05 19:38:23.0870


Does customer support even look at these forums? All I need to know is the dimensions of the neck pocket and/or what Warmoth necks will fit the guitar.

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by player99 on 2012-07-06 09:30:07.8480

They won't support replacement necks/ things that void your warranty.

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by Werkshop on 2012-07-06 11:00:41.6220

Okay, well in that case, I no longer wish to replace my neck. I am just plain CURIOUS about the dimensions of the neck pocket.

Maybe they wouldn't have to worry about replacement parts if they made it right in the first place...

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by player99 on 2012-07-06 13:15:38.2490

If you search around, you will see that the strat neck fits the pocket. So reverse engineer it. Find out the strat neck dimensions, and then see if others are the same...

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by Werkshop on 2012-07-06 14:06:49.8870

*facepalm* DERP.

Thanks player99... Sometimes the best solution is the most obvious one. If you need me, I'll be in the corner kicking myself in the head.

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by toasterdude on 2012-07-07 13:43:30.2200

A warmoth strat neck should work fine. I have a warmoth strat neck laying around from an old variax 600. I plan to use it in a KTV69 when I finally buy one. You can order the warmoth neck with no neck holes drilled. That way you are good to go. Every person I have seen that ahs swapped the standard neck for a warmoth was more than happy.

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by player99 on 2012-07-07 13:57:03.8260

I think he was looking for different necks other than strat that would fit?

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by AlexMcLellan on 2012-11-01 19:16:30.8760

I had a luthier put a 2012 American Special Stratocaster neck on a JTV69. Pictures at flickr:">">

Hopefully the link will work.

I had the problem with the high E string going over the side of the fretboard. Thanks to reading this forum, I anticipated this before I bought the guitar so I got both it and a Statocaster neck from eBay, and the cost of the luthier added up to a bit less than the cost of a new JTV69.

Thanks to those on the forum who suggested replacing the neck. The luthier had to remove a bit of material to get the neck to align properly with the body but it only cost about $100 plus a set of strings. The result is a great improvement.


Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by OldB47 on 2012-11-07 02:46:43.9820

Hi guys Ive been reading a lot of neck replacement discussions on various forums with great interest.

I just bought a used but new condition JTV 69 in sunburst off EBay. My initial impression was that the guitar was beautifully finished and quite nicely made. However having got it home, I too found the top E and to a lesser extent, the bottom E string, slipping off the fingerboard. The previous owner bought this guitar new but only used it twice for recording then left it in its bag. Now I know why!

I live in Australia where this guitar new costs $1,700 so it's not a cheap guitar and quite frankly I'm quite appalled that L6 don't seem to be addressing what is undoubtably to a poor quality issue.

L6 demos say they'd like us players to adopt this guitar as our main instrument and this was certainly my aim. Unfortunately this guitar leaves a lot to be desired in basic usability quality before I would depart from my well loved Strat, Telecaster and Gretsch 6120 guitars.

I am fortunate to have originally been trained as a Toolmaker so I have good hand skills, I've also had many years experience in setting up guitars. The main problem is the neck on this guitar has not been installed accurately and it's sitting at a very slight angle. This is evident by aligning the B string down the length of the guitar and it can clearly be see to be offset from the neck marker dots. The topbE is also off line from the P/UP magnets.

I have needed to completely set up the guitar action to make it anywhere near playable and I'm almost there but I'm just not satisfied that the L6 neck pocket has been machined square. Unfortunately no lateral adjustment can be made to the strings. (IE string spacing) as can be done for example on the original Telecaster/Jaguar thread type bridge saddles.

I'm not sure neck replacement is the answer, if the neck socket is machind incorrectly then it may need to be relieved , by that I mean cut and shimmed to straighten it all up. 

The idea of this guitar is good. Some of the sounds are very good. This is not a low priced guitar and its no good L6 spruiking about it's fancy sound modelling if the basic necessity of a usable playable instrument is not provided. This guitar leaves a lot to be desired. The cheapest Squire Strat is better built than this guitar and I'm now seriously considering buying a cheap Mex or Jap Strat neck and building the Variax electronics into a custom Strat body of my own construction.

My message to L6 on behalf of all disgruntled Variax owners. Please put this right before you lose your otherwise good reputation.


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Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by OldB47 on 2012-11-07 12:53:47.1600

Hi I just looked at you neck replacement and doesn't that look good. I trust the top E string doesn't slip off the fingerboard.

I think it's a great pity that L6 and Fender haven't hooked up. What a lost market opportunity. Can you imagine a nice Strat or Tele with L6 electronics? Far better than the VG or that G5? Roland thing they produced.

Price might be an issue though.

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by TheRealZap on 2012-11-07 13:51:11.4120

the roland thing they produced, might include an agreement not to work with competitive products...

no idea, but it's probably some sort of exclusive type thing,

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by xmentalpilot on 2012-11-08 16:47:39.7620

I just last week recieved my JVT-69SSS (K), It is white with the rosewood fretboard. I was all set to replace the neck based on issues reported here and on other forums... However, I believe with this "new" version of the 69 they have addressed the issue(s) with the neck. This one came setup (from Sweetwater) and actually with the exception of the action being just a touch higher than my 2005 American Deluxe Strat, plays great. So far zero issues with E strings. I actually have an awesome birdeye maple Warmoth neck that is on my "parts o caster" that I was thinking of transplanting. However, other than the headstock shape and the obvious difference in the fretboard, I can't see any reason why I would go through that drill now. Plus, I bought a new hardtail body earlier this summer that is headed for paint and I am looking forward to transplanting the Gilmour EMG setup and Warmoth neck from my old 'parts o caster" into the hardtail. Bottom line, I think the new 69S necks might be improved, or I just got lucky!! 

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by davidb7170 on 2012-11-09 06:14:37.1860

+1 -- I got my 69S shoreline gold with rosewood fretboard from Sweetwater about 3 or 4 weeks ago, and was curious if I'd run into the neck issues, switch issues, or model selector knob issues. It had none of the prior problems, and was set up well. The piezo cable routing in in the spring/bidge compartment is very clean -- nothing as shown in other earlier posts on that topic.

This is my 2nd JTV -- my 1st is my TSB 59, also from Sweetwater. It had the 3-way switch with solder problems in 2011. They fixed it. It developed a peizo/bridge issue, they fixed it. I love it. I ordered it in October 2010, recieved it in May 2011. This new one, I ordered on Sat Oct 13th, received it on Tuesday, Oct 16th, because it was in stock. I was watching their serial number gallery -- they had 2, I watched it go to 1 on hand & ordered mine. Pretty instrument, plays well -- has same hum issues any single coil guitar has. Firmware was initially 1.71, I udated it within the 1st day to 1.82 & saw relative volume differences between mags and models become greater -- models got quite a bit louder than mags via the VDI with moving from 1.71 to 1.82. Will update to 1.90 this weekend on both my 59 & 69 -- curious to see if volume issues will change.

Back to the neck -- intonation is good. String alignment is good from nut to guitar body. String alignment over the pickups is good. Tried the whammy bar (have never been a whammy user) -- seems to work fine. Have not had the string fall off the fretboard while playing. I either lucked out like you, or they have addressed these issues -- Ithink that is the most likely case. The serial number indicates mfr date as Aug 2012. Have not changed strings from the stock 10's that came with it. I use GHS Boomer 10's, so will probably need to adjust intonation when I do change. Will watch for reported tremolo bridge problem when changing strings -- don't expect it, but am cautious.


Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by TomR00 on 2012-11-09 16:16:37.9590

I have been watching this board since the JTV guitars were released and held off until I thought the dust settled on the problems with the first JTV guitars manufactured. I had a Variax 700 and sold it a few years back.

I too just received a new JTV-69S - Shoreline Gold from Sweetwater, just about an hour ago. The fit and finish is flawless.    I am currently charging the battery so I haven't really played it plugged in yet. The intonation sounds OK to my ears, the action seems a little high, but I haven't played for a few years and just decided to get back into playing so that my just be me at this point.

The main reason I am writing is I took a few pics of my neck of the 69S right out of the box so other may compare the string positions to their older model neck not sure if it really looks any different.  As I said I haven't played in a few years but I didn't have any problem with either E strings sliding off the edge of the neck. Hopefully I can get these pics to insert OK.








Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by khoff2 on 2012-11-20 05:41:10.8820

Here is the one I got, third one down. Plays like a dream now - no more boat oar neck.


Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by snhirsch on 2012-11-20 13:17:50.6040

Those are Mighty-Mite necks with an after-market fret level and polish.  I just purchased a rosewood fretboard version from Stewart-MacDonald and have my JTV-69k in the shop for a transplant.  Hopefully will have it back next week and can report on my impressions.  Anything would be an improvement over the OEM neck - too narrow at the nut for my hands, very oddly shaped and railroad ties for frets...  But, who's complaining?  That's one of the upsides of a bolt-on   Change it if you don't like it.

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by khoff2 on 2012-11-20 14:21:46.0570

Yes, it is a Mighty-Mite, and worth the extra cost of the micro polish and finishing. Feels so smooth, and fast. It is a HUGE improvement.

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by stugatzo on 2012-11-24 09:32:20.2080

I'm with those who are suggesting the compound radius Mighty Mite Strat replacement neck.

I was having low E slippage issues too which i improved by switching to a heavier gauge of string.

But more importantly, I didn't like the jumbo frets on the JTV stock neck.

I picked up the compound radius with an ebony fingerboard for about $125 on Ebay.

Honestly, it's like a new guitar.

It addressed both my needs of rectifying slippage AND more pleasant feel.

i could have lived with the stock neck, but after switching, I'm really glad I did!

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by snhirsch on 2012-11-26 17:53:36.6300

I have my JTV-69 back from the shop with its new Mighty-Mite neck.  BIG improvement in playability!  I wish I could get a Variax decal for the headstock so folks will know what I'm playing. 

Update:  Had a chance to use the guitar at rehearsal today.  Yow, what a difference!  Plays like a completely different instrument.  I cannot recommand this update highly enough.  This is what the JTV-69 should be fitted with as a stock neck. 

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by kylesalone on 2013-01-07 12:46:58.7780

I put a mighty mite on mine as well... and designed my own headstock on water slide paper. Printed from my deskjet.

Playablity is nite and day better with a strat neck. love it.20121210_111059_resized.jpg


Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by snhirsch on 2013-01-07 14:15:05.8810

That looks sharp!  I was contemplating doing my own decal, so it's nice to see the finished result.  If possible, I'm planning on having a copy center do mine on a color laser printer, since that type of decal stock does not need clear acrylic to make it waterproof.

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by kylesalone on 2013-01-10 13:28:40.7700

The water slide paper works great. You have to spray a few coats of acrylic (letting each one dry) and then let it dry over night before touching it.

I used a headstock template to design my headstock. Print on regular paper to make sure it matches to your liking, then I printed the real deal.

I tried uploading my pdf of the headstock template. If you pm me your email, I'll send you one.

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by twippoh on 2013-03-07 20:37:15.5660

Hey Guys,

Thought I would throw my two cents in here, I spoke to Line 6 about the warranty issue and they told me that yess if you replace the neck it will void the warranty BUT if you have it refretted that would not.

Sounds weird to me but whatever. My luthier will refret to any size I want for 225, that includes setup, replacement nut if needed. 250 for SS.

Thats what Im gonna do, smaller SS frets, plays like butter!!!!

Re: Help Choosing Replacement Neck for JTV-69
by snhirsch on 2013-03-08 04:50:52.3930

I am sure they take that as a stated, official position.  As a practical matter, if you swap the original neck back on before a warranty return how is anyone going to know?

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