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High Pitched Ring From Processor
by Batdan213 on 2012-07-07 00:43:00.1990

Ive had a Pod HD500 for quite a while now. august will be a year i believe and i have gotten pretty good with it and love everything about it.

but here is the thing. recently, for the past month or so, i've noticed a really high pitched ring coming from the actual processor. kinda like the ring you hear from a television when its on a screen with no signal. it hasnt affected it at all musically. you cant hear it in the mix in any sort of way. im just worried that something is going wrong with it or if this is just how they all sound at boot up. ive never noticed it before but it stops after a few minutes. i am just curious as to what is going on, if anyone can help.

thank you,


Re: High Pitched Ring From Processor
by jimsreynolds on 2012-07-07 01:45:59.3460

.... that ain't  right!

Sometimes power supplies can ring if they are slightly faulty.  Sure it is the PSU and not the power supply?

If it is the unit then I would be inclined to  get a warranty call out.   You will probably be OK but it is better to get this kind of thing fixed while you still have the warranty in place to  get it sorted.

Re: High Pitched Ring From Processor
by Batdan213 on 2012-09-24 17:47:13.3060

hmmm well thank you, it hasnt failed me yet and it kind of subsided. maybe it was just something i hadnt noticed prior. its almost like that high pitched noise you hear when you have a tv on a blank screen. and ive noticed it only lasts for about 15 seconds

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