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Spider Jam and Mk II shortboard use.
by hglassman on 2012-07-07 22:22:56.8380

I have recently purchased the Spider Jam 75 and the MkII shortboard and am trying to learn how to use everything. My biggest problem is trying to find any useful info on using the shortboard with the amp. I've looked at all user manuals and advanced manuals that I could find, but no real step by step instructions. The shortboard manual only had sections on using it with a POD (don't even know what that is) or with a computer, but nothing about using it with an amp. The amp manual had nothing. I want to know how to program different buttons to do various things, etc, like it's supposed to do. I know way to little to have any specific questions, I only want to know where can I get some directions on how this thing works and how to use it.

I do have one other question on the amp itself. I have tried plugging a microphone (1/4" jack, not XLR) into the aux plug and get no sound out of it. A guitar in the same plug works fine. I have then plugged the mic into the XLR plug with a 1/4" to XLR adapter, made sure the mic level was up, and still no response. Shouldn't a mic be amplified the same as a guitar if plugged in? Thanks!


Re: Spider Jam and Mk II shortboard use.
by pocketpod1 on 2012-07-23 22:19:21.4900

Wow Howard,I thought I was the only one with this problem!I don't have an answer for you,but know someone will help us out. Did you try calling Line 6 Tech Support?I think they should make a video just for the SpiderJam Amp and FBV MkII Shortboard!So,if you find anything out,please contact me??

On the 1/4" mic Jack,you may have to go to the menu to set that up,it has levels and other stuff you can do in the menu on the Amp,read the pilot's Guide for more answers to these questions. Hope that helps some.Any how good luck and don't give up! Dan C.

Re: Spider Jam and Mk II shortboard use.
by Modernmetal on 2012-08-09 03:47:45.4620

I'm having the same problem. There seems not to be a tutorial for spider jam & MKII shortboard.

My question:

Are there more people like us having this problem?

Re: Spider Jam and Mk II shortboard use.
by Modernmetal on 2012-08-14 16:03:52.6420

Here is what info I got from you tube:

there is a small infovideo that is helpfull for storing presets into the ABCD buttons in normal mode.

just type: "Spider Jammin' with the short board" in Youtube and you will get informed.

Some other info I got is that the Function I button switches between normal mode and jam mode.  Function II button has no purpose at this moment.

Buttons stomp: sets distortion boost. MOD: switches the modulator sounds on or off. Delay switches the delay sound on or off and reverb switches the reverb on or off.

Spider jam mode is explained in the advanced guide.

Hope this is helpfull for those with the shortboard mkII and spider jam.

Re: Spider Jam and Mk II shortboard use.
by daydreamin7677 on 2012-08-17 15:06:21.2340

Glad the video could be of some assistance. If there is anything else you wanna know hit me up

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