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UX2, Guitar works, No vocals, Correct inputs selected
by insigma on 2012-07-08 12:00:04.2770

Hi guys

I have been searching the forums for answers to my problem, but have not managed to find one. I may have a faulty setup, or I have missed a setting somewhere. I will attempt to explain.

About my equipment: I am using my laptop, ableton live, line6 pod farm 2, UX2 with phantom button on, Sontronics STC-2 Condenser plugged into Mic1(L) with XLR cable, acoustic guitar plugged into UX2. I am monitoring the sound through the headphone port to a speaker system.

The guitar works perfectly, the instrument records nicely and all the functions are operative. No problems there.

The Mic however is giving me some problemss. It is almost working, but I cant get it to record vocals.

If you see the attached screenshot, the inputs are correctly selected as instrument and Mic 1 in the mixer screen and the outputs are sent to the correct channels.

The microphone gain pot on the UX2 is at about 80%. I have included a few plugins in the gear section on the Pod Farm and I do hear some hissing from the mic input.

If you tap the mic on the body, the input meters show movement and the speakers monitor the noise that it's making, but I get no sound from singing/speaking/whistling into it.

What am I doing wrong here?

I recall recording a YouTube video using this microphone about a year ago, but that's the last time this has been used.

Thank you all

Re: UX2, Guitar works, No vocals, Correct inputs selected
by hulbert on 2012-07-09 00:51:08.3780


Not sure about that.

One thing I noticed though is that I think you have got the amp etc. on the guitar line.

Also, you have the D.I. right up, so there will be no mic processed sound coming through (you probably deliberately did this though, so thats ok - I don't think I've tried that with my mic - it gets a lot louder for some reason when I turn it fully clockwise), but I have just tried my mic with exactly the same settings you have and I get sound coming through from the mic.

One thought - have you got the -10db pad switched on on the mic? That would drop the volume a bit.

Oh, I've just had a thought. Your cable from your headphone out to your speakers. The plug might be mono and not stereo and therefore only be sending out one channel of sound and it might be then seeming like two channels because it might be splitting the one channel into two at the other end of the cable or whatever. Does the plug have 2 black dividers on it or just the one dividing the metal parts of the plug?

Or maybe the speaker system is only giving the one channel somehow.

Have you tried using a single tone in pod farm and maybe the mic in the 2nd input. You may have tried this already.

Look forward to hear  back from you,

God Bless,


Re: UX2, Guitar works, No vocals, Correct inputs selected
by Triryche on 2012-07-09 05:53:52.5660

What are you recording with?

Re: UX2, Guitar works, No vocals, Correct inputs selected
by Triryche on 2012-07-09 06:04:47.9050

For sends 1-2 try selecting record tones A+B and turning the DI all the way down (although as hulbert points out, I odn't think that is the issue).

I do not have a condenser mic to test with.

Re: UX2, Guitar works, No vocals, Correct inputs selected
by Elwyn on 2012-07-24 15:29:35.1130

I think it is simply that you don't have anything on Line B - so you created the dual tone but with the B Tone as blank.  You have correctly selected Mic as the input but there is no preamp selected for it to process through - you need to select one of the vocal presets and drag it down to Tone B and should all work ok.

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