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What's going wrong with my Mm4? No lights switch 3 stays after switching to 4
by ktaylorm13 on 2012-07-08 23:49:57.3840

Alright guys I bought this Mm4 used about 2 months ago at first all was good but then when I would turn on my trem on switch 3 then try to switch to

Chorus on switch 4  the trem would still stay on making both effects run at the same time, which is cool by I know it shouldn't do that. And once I go to

Switch 1 or 2 then the other two would shut off just like their supposed to. But how today when I went to use it none of the lights will turn on the buttons still

Work the same and I'm getting signal when on and off it just like th lights decided to quit

What's wrong with it? Should I get it fixed or just replace it?

Also I'm not sure if it's important or not but I use it in a one spot daisy chain with a Dl4, boss comp and bad monkey

And yes I'm using the proper line 6 adapters for both 4 series

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