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UNRESOLVED Line 6 Products with Mac (Bootcamp) Problems * with pictures
by hansunung1188 on 2012-07-09 04:11:00.7640


I have been a long time user of Line 6's POD products (XT - XT Live - X3 - X3 Live -HD 500 - HD Desktop)

I have been using them with a Windows PC for many years. However the problem is now:

I bought an imac (for use with mac osx and windows via bootcamp) i installed Cubase on my windows bootcamp

along with my POD HD Desktop (for guitars) and POD Studio UX2 (for mics and bass)

I monitor the sound with my KRK monitor speakers and play with a Gibson Custom and a Fender Jazz.

The problems are:

1) strange popping noises when recording/hear with the UX2

2) The sound is almost 50% dry guitar and 50% amp/fx when i record/hear guitar with the HD

     * Particularly the J-800 where there is almost no distortion even with the screamer and the drive set to full

     * The sounds are very thin, extremely trebly and even digital sounding

This problem never happened before with the same settings with a PC (I know how to tweak with POD's thank you)

After searching the Line 6 forums i have tried many things.

My trials:

1) I have toyed with the latency and buffer size, etc at the line 6 midi configuration (I really shouldn't have to as my

    mac is a very powerful computer)

2) I bought an external powered USB hub and linked my POD's to it (I really shouldn't have to as this does not make


3) I even re-set the POD to studio/direct setting

However my 2 problems still persist. Even in trhe other discussions there never was a solution.

SO! i would really appreiciate it if someone from LINE 6 actually answered this problem for all those

that have this problem. IT IS their resposibility.

I am seriously considering ditching Line 6 products (I have been an avid user) for Axe Fx or Digidesign Eleven

If they carry on NOT answering the customer's problems.

Thank you.

Re: UNRESOLVED Line 6 Products with Mac (Bootcamp) Problems * with pictures
by TheRealZap on 2012-07-09 05:36:41.7110

they will never see this... since its not marked as a question....

no matter though since they don't really use the forums for support much anyway....

why not just call them?">">

or add a support ticket and deal with them directly?

Re: UNRESOLVED Line 6 Products with Mac (Bootcamp) Problems * with pictures
by jimsreynolds on 2012-07-09 08:24:36.2950

What Windows version are you running with Bootcamp?  Apparently XP cannot see more than 2GB on a MAC and you need Vista/W7 to fix this, ideally 64-bit Windows 7.

Have you tried any interfaces other than your Line 6 gear?  From what I saw on the web:  there seems to be quite a bit of debate around how well Cubase runs on Bootcamp anyhow.  It may well be worth begging or borrowing another interface from somewhere and confirming whether you get the same popping problems (which do sound at least partly latency or CPU related).

The stuff around the tone of the J800 and Screamer on the HD seems really not right.  The J800 is not super-gainy but it should distort easily with your gibson with mid-high drive settings on the Pod.  

How do the amp and screamer sound when you unplug the USB from the Mac and just play through the speakers?  You should be in Studio/Direct mode.  If things still sound weak and thin I would suggest you try a re-flash of firmware and a global settings reset in case there are any glitches in the software environment on the Pod (Global Settings Reset HD500.

Check this thread also --->">">

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