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Going to next track via FBV Express
by softrick on 2012-07-12 23:28:15.8020


I'm aware this might be a double post, but the ones I found on the topic are a few years old.

So to be sure things have not changed since then, here is my question :

I recently bought a Spider Jam together with a FBV Express pedal.

I bought the pedal because I read it allows you to control playback of backing tracks (not so much because of switching effects or so).

However, my current understanding is that I'm stuck actually.

You can start/stop a track with the pedal, but you cannot go to the next track..

Either you would need to walk to the amp and manually browse to the next track (and then start playback with the pedal).

Or I would just have to use my mp3 player with a long cable, rather than playing the tracks from the amp memory.

I thought of concatenating several tracks into one, and load them as one big track into the Spider jam, but that would not help either since you cannot pause playback (ie between the tracks) and resume playback via the pedal..

Does that seem to be a correct analysis to the more experienced users on the forum?

Thanks for any feedback!


Re: Going to next track via FBV Express
by dialtech on 2012-09-16 09:33:58.1800

That is true, you CAN NOT go to the next track using the FBV.

My solution was to use my I-Pad and I-Pod with several different playlists of my backing tracks and/or full songs.

I picked up an extra long 1/8 inch cord with an extention at Radio Shack.

That worked just fine.

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