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TonePort GX > Propellerhead Record = "Factory Add-On" ?
by gutberle on 2012-07-13 08:36:38.2430

I have a TonePort GX, which I must admit I bought back in 2008 and completely ignored until this week. I now installed and played around with it and now I know what I missed out on, cool little bugger it is ...

Today I also installed POD Farm 2.5 (demo mode for lack of a license) and along with it License Manager 1.05. I activated my TonePort (and PC) and License Manager then claimed that "Propellerhead Record" was an add-on to be activated on my device, so I clicked "Install" and it proceeded to "write to my device", which took a minute or two. However, apart from the fact that "Propellerhead Record" is now listed under the "Add-Ons / Software" category in LM as a factory add-on, nothing seems to have changed. I sadly can not say (anymore) if I had received a CD along with the TonePort GX back then and if - bychance - Propellerhead Record might have been on it. I can also not find any downloads or updates referring to Propellerhead's Record on the Line6 site at all, so I am a bit confused what this means.

So, I guess my question is how to interpret the License Manager info that "Propellerhead Record" is a "Factory Add-On"? Did my TonePort GX come with a (perhaps scaled down) Propellerhead Record license, and if so, can I download it from somewhere if I can not find a CD that might or might not have come along with my TonePort GX?

Thanks, Ingmar

Re: TonePort GX > Propellerhead Record = "Factory Add-On" ?
by TheRealZap on 2012-07-13 09:00:25.2930

you have to own "record" in order to use the add on...

but just so you know.. the GX comes with a standard license for pod farm 1....

use monkey to download that and you'll have more amps etc!

if you need some recording software to get you started...

try riffworks t4 for some quick fun....

and for serious recordings get reaper

both are free to install and use... a full license for reaper is like 50$ if you like it... but it will work forever either way.

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