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Which line6 hd with stompboxes ?
by aris17561 on 2012-07-14 11:54:19.6650

Hello from Greece.

I consider of buying a new pod hd but I do not know which of them. I have a distortion pedal which I want o play with it. I guess I have to buy one HD with a fx loop right ?

1) If I buy a hd400 and connect the amt p-1 through send return of hd400  will I be able to engage disangage the distortion pedal by on/off hd400 fx loop ?

I mean to press only hd and not stompbaox ?

And one more.

2) Is it ossible to set the amps and cabs off in hd400 ? I dont mean to set only the cabs. I know that this is a feature only for 500... I mean to set the amp/cab off at the same time and play the distorted channel only from my trushworthy amt p-1 .

Re: Which line6 hd with stompboxes ?
by jimsreynolds on 2012-07-14 12:35:41.3340

1)  Yes


2)  Yes !

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