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New JTV 59 Dead Saddle
by TSMilliner1 on 2012-07-16 06:19:45.0750

Hi, I just picked up a new JTV 59, brought it home connected to Monkey through my HD500, and flashed to the newest firmware. After the update, I am playing and I notice that the #5 string (A) is dead when using the modeling pickups (piezo? ). Plenty of sound through the magnetic pickups, and everything else seems ok. FYI, I did play with the string in the saddle, and even tapped (gently) on the saddle with a small screw driver. Every other saddle picks up the tap except the one I am mentioning.

I did not play prior to the flash. so I am not sure if that string/saddle worked before hand. A couple of questions for you super users:

1) Is it possible that the flash killed that string.saddle?, If so, should I just reflash, or roll back to previous firmware? Personally, I cannot see how a hardware issue can be created or fixed by a software update.

2) or, since I literally just purchased yesterday, should I just take it back and get a different one. (I would usually automatically do this, except they only had one tobacco burst in stock, the other was cherry, and black, and I really like the tobacco. Though I do like the way the wood grain on the edges of the cap shows up on the black one)

Any other adviced to try, or just take it back?

I have heard I can go into the variax workbench and adjust, but if the saddle is bad, I do not want to mask an issue by just "turning it up" My gut tells me take it back and get a different one.

Thanks Much.


Re: New JTV 59 Dead Saddle
by TheRealZap on 2012-07-16 06:50:12.6300

it's always worth trying a reflash, i've even solved issues by  rolling back to an older version 1.70 before flashing forward...

no ryhme or reason to it that i've pinpointed... but the end result was a successful flash to the latest at the end...

to be fair it wasn't your exact issue... i had a bit of distortion in my output... still worth a try though.

Re: New JTV 59 Dead Saddle
by silverhead on 2012-07-16 06:57:01.5240

I agree with zap. It's worth trying a flash update a couple of times just in case this can solve things (and let you keep the nice tobacco burst!).

But like you say, if the problem is indeed a hardware problem with the one specific pickup than no amount of software updating will fix it. Then you should take it back for replacement.

Re: New JTV 59 Dead Saddle
by TSMilliner1 on 2012-07-16 08:22:31.7510

Thanks, I will try a quick reflash when I get home later today. If no luck, I will have to pick another color. (Probably black)

Re: New JTV 59 Dead Saddle
by TSMilliner1 on 2012-07-18 14:00:06.0810

Update, I further explored the problem, and it was isolated to the variax connection coming from the guitar to my HD500. It did not occur when connected via the 1/4" guitar jack. I called L6 support, and the guy said that a software issue was not the cause of this type of a problem.

I took the guitar back to Sam Ash yesterday, and was able to replicate the problem on the HD500 they had on display and even when using a different cable. So it seems like some sort of connection issue between the Variax output jack on the Guitar and that particular saddle on the bridge.

End result, I swapped out the guitar for a different JTV-59 (swapped a Tobacco colored out for a Black one ).

Ironically, I was initially going to purchase the same black one I ended up with, which to me looked better with the top outlined like it is, and the chrome popping out on it against the black, I changed my mind at last minute when ringing it up due to the difficulty in keeping it clean (free of fingerprints and marks).

I believe in fate, so the black one must have been meant to be.

Took it home, played it and then flashed it, and it sounds and plays beautifully. Honestly it is a lot of money to pay for a Korean guitar, but with the quality of the hardware, the way that the guitar feels and plays it seems to be worth the price.

Peace, Tom

Re: New JTV 59 Dead Saddle
by silverhead on 2012-07-18 14:16:33.6320

Glad you got things worked out. Enjoy!!

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