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Spider IV75 cutting out
by cjjuliano on 2012-07-17 06:28:18.7740

I have a spider iv75. Having an intermittant problem with the power cutting in and out. It happens cold or hot, doesn't seem to be temperature related. Can play for hours and it may or may not happen. Can also happen as soon as its turned on. When the problem is occurring all the lights including the display flash at a rapid rate and there is no sound. like the power switch is being flipped on and off. it is regularly updated. FBVMKII shortboard used with. power cord isnt damaged. unit is couple years old now and in mint condidtion. has only been played out(transported) a couple times. Looking for advice on where to start. power supply issue? what to test? I have a strong knowledge of electronics and prefer to resolve the problem myself. Is this a known problem? thanks in advance for any help.

Re: Spider IV75 cutting out
by fflbrgst on 2012-07-18 06:43:14.4910

You say the 'power is cutting out' -  I assume you mean the volume, because you say the lights are flashing when it happens.   Because the lights are flashing, it is most likley not a power amp problem, but something in the DSP.  It could be hardware or software.  Have you tried a factory reset?

Re: Spider IV75 cutting out
by poynt99 on 2012-07-18 18:51:39.7250

Mine does the same thing.

It is not a volume cutout, the amp is actually resetting. Often your settings will be lost too if they were not saved.

The only thing that makes sense from what others have posted, is that the Spider IV 75 (and possibly other models) may be sensitive to power line noise and/or transients. Try pluggin the amp in a different power socket, and at a different house or building and see if the trouble still occurs.

Re: Spider IV75 cutting out
by cjjuliano on 2012-07-19 05:24:40.4600

Thanks for the input guys. It was reset and calibrated not long ago. I have never lost my settings but did save the bundle last night just in case. After thinking about it, I can only recall the problem happening in my basement "studio". Interesting about the possibilty of a power issue. I'm gonna check that tonight. I have several computers running on the same circuit but have not noticed the problem with any of them, or other equipment. It has been played out much harder and never had the problem.... hmmm.

Re: Spider IV75 cutting out
by fflbrgst on 2012-07-19 05:38:42.5480

If it is your power supply, consider getting a Furman power conditioner or a UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) typically used for computers.

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