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Multi-Effects pedal for a Spider IV 30watt
by joshuahidalgo on 2012-07-19 22:38:07.1130

I have a Spider IV 30 watt amp.. Are multi-effects pedals/floor boards okay in front of a Spider IV 30watt? Or are the FBV's pedals the only ones I can use. I want something hands free but on not sure if my amp will be okay with say a Floor Pod Plus or higher something similar.

Do I have to run it (the amp) on Clean? Should I think about upgrading to a bigger amp/cab/PA if I want a multi-effect/floorboard pedal?

Re: Multi-Effects pedal for a Spider IV 30watt
by fflbrgst on 2012-07-20 06:34:07.4330

Yes, you can use any foot pedal/stomp box in between your guitar and the Spider amp.  Note, however, that some effects will not sound good in combination with the effects of the amp.  For example, putting a distortion stomp box on, then using a high gain/distortion model on teh amp will result in a lot of muddiness and probably give a less-than-ideal tone.  Similarly, using a wah pedal in front of a distorted sound will not give good results.  I have tried using a number of pedals in front of my Spider IV 75, but found using the amp's FX are the best for my situation.  If you are trying for a sound different than you get from the Spider, then you may do better by using stomp boxes.

If you are using a POD, you may do better by outputting that signal directly to the MP3 input on your Spider, which bypasses the DSP and control section - you would use the volume and tone controls on the POD to adjust your sound.

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