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UX 2 shoots off my monitors! Any solutions?
by Visnu-Phil on 2012-07-20 00:04:02.4080

Hey guys!

I bought myself nEAR Classic 08 Monitors, 8 " monitors that i connected to my interface.

Now, sometimes it just happened, that the UX2, without warning or anything, not even with any action shut off. This makes the monitors, because they are turned on, knock a bit (this plopping sound when monitors have volume on and are turned on.)

But nowasays something strange occured. as soon as I turned on both monitors simultane, one started buzzing. I cant really make out if its the UX2 or the monitors, but since this unexpected turnoff of the UX2, one of my monitors don't work anymore!

Is there any explaination to this due to the UX2? How can I maybe help myself not risking this happening once again? Are there any USB security settings to make?

The problem of shutting of sometimes also happens, if I turn on an electrical device on the same power socket or put in the power supply for my laptop while the UX2 is activated.

Because of this fact, I am thinking of replacing my interface with an power supplied audio interface. If the monitors defect was caused by the UX2 crashing, i do not want to risk that once again.

Your thoughts on this?

Thanks for advice,


Re: UX 2 shoots off my monitors! Any solutions?
by hulbert on 2012-07-20 02:45:39.7740


I just thought I'd say that sometimes when I accidentally have had my normal computer speakers on (on the system not the electrical outlet) before I turn on the switch at the electrical outlet, I 'blow' the speakers. Its like they are overpowered and just blow up. I think it might actually be that the soundcard is kind of overloaded suddenly and if I turn everything off again and wait a while it is fine when I try again.

I don't know if I've had this happen with my ux2 and stereo system speakers. I have had some times when the audio hasn't worked for some unknown reason, but this has hardly ever happened.

Also, my brother has a stereo which for a long time only had the right speaker working. I think it was after an electrical power surge. Anyway, years later, he I think accidentally did something or there was a power surge, and suddenly the left speaker was working again.

Maybe you could (I think this is ok to try - but please don't take my word as being authoritative   ) the trick to test speakers of taking a 1.5 volt battery and touching one contact of the speaker's wire/plug, to one end and the other to the other end. If you hear a pop or fwoop sound or something, things are ok. I think this works even with larger speakers - I think I have tried this with larger ones and heard the sound). Or altenatively, if you could try them connected to some other device with the same 'level' as the one you are using (line level if you are using the analog outs of the ux2- headphone level if you are using the headphone socket - if thats what your monitors take - they probably take line level- it shouldn't really matter really if keep volume down etc.)

Concerning the power being affected when other things are switched on, does sound like some power problem. Maybe the usb settings on the computer are not providing the amount of power required when something else is plugged in? I don't really know a lot about usb power and if it can be affected by other devices sharing the power outlet. It probably disrupts it. I know that if I switch something on on one power board I use with a light connected to it, the light dims slightly when the other thing is switched on.

I've just had a look in device manager at the usb settings, and although I don't see anything to adjust power, I noticed that on the USB hub I have the Line 6 using, I also had my midi controller, and it said that the ux2 needed 499mA and the hub allowed 500mA, so possibly when something else is running, problems might happen?

I have now disconnected the midi thing and will plug it into another usb slot.

I also noticed however, that in 'Device manager' - Universal Serial Bus Controllers - 'Usb root Hub' - 'power management', it has an option 'allow the computer to turn off this device to save power' I don't have that checked. Maybe check your usb hubs in device manager (if windows) and see what you have set there on the hub that the ux2 shows up on.

Someone else on here with more knowledge about usb settings would hopefully be able to tell you if anything like that might affect it etc.

God Bless,


Re: UX 2 shoots off my monitors! Any solutions?
by Triryche on 2012-07-20 06:37:17.2410

You should always power you monitors on LAST. (computer fully booted, instruments/mics plugged in)

And when not in use or changing instruments/mics Power them off FIRST.

If you computer goes into a power saving or sleep mode, this may cause your UX2 to turn off, causing the THUMP in your monitors.

But as hulbert points out, if plugging other equipment in on the same circuit is causing problems, you may also have a power or grounding issues.

What monitors do you have?

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