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HD400 & a Fender Blues Deville 4x10
by thirtyplus on 2012-07-20 09:30:25.6630

Hi All,

First time poster here. Also first time Line 6 user! My main guitars are a Fender Strat with Texas Specials & Standard Fender Telecaster. Up to now I have been using standard pedals. My first reaction was I really enjoyed the amps models (versaility I have never had in my sound before).

The first real problem I came up against was there is no volume boost! I remedied that by using the FX Loop trick but that meant that the 4-cable method was out with my amp which did sound a LOT sweeter on the modulation and delay effects! I moved on quickly and programmed in about 50 songs from our setlist based on using the power amp only from my amp (which I am disappointed with because it is a sweet amp) and at least I can gig with it now.

Now that I am not under pressure and have a good basic sounf to play gigs with, I want to spend time getting the most out of the unit and I was hoping that someone could guide me in the right direction regarding these few questions;

1. I really would prefer using the 4 cable method however;

     (a) the amp models are not designed to be used straight into combos (or are they?)

     (b) without the amp models there is only one overdrive / distortion option (I like to fatten the sound for solo's and sometimes in the chorus)

     (c) volume boost fix using the fx loop is gone

   So, Is there any amp model / setting that anyone here has found that works well directly a tube combo that could act as 1st stage overdrive / distortion pedal?

   Also, do some of the amp models respond better to the overdrive / distortion pedals in terms of providing 5-6db's of volume boost?

2. What settings should I be using on the switches for straight into the combo (Line or Amp - Live or Studio and Line or Stomp)?

3. What settings should I be using on the switches for straight into the power section of the amp that I am currently using (Line or Amp - Live or Studio and Line or Stomp)?

4. We don't run everything through the front of house P.A., generally my guitar amp is the workhorse for the front of house guitar sound. What way should I set the output switches ext (Line or Amp - Live or Studio and Line or Stomp) that would give the best sound to my amp in the 4 cable mode and also give a good sound to the PA (for monitors and if the venue owner wants to patch a mix of us into other parts of the venue).

5. I also use my Electro Acoustic, does anyone have good suggestions to run the acoustic through the HD400 and out the mic output to the front of house P.A.? I would like to add some mild compression, reverb and maybe some delay - I am aware I am being a bit lazy on this one).

A long post I realise but I would be grateful with some advice from more experienced Line6 users.


Re: HD400 & a Fender Blues Deville 4x10
by spaceatl on 2012-07-20 18:49:20.8900

hmmmm....the following is just my opinion...things to try...

I think the Vintage Pre works pretty nicely for boost...In terms of getting +6db, I think there comes a point where saturation is just too much for that to happen and you gotta move to the booster post...The mid focus eq works nice for that...this can get really subjective and really depends on the tone itself...

You could use an expression boost...basically, all you need is a 10K resistor on a little footswitch box...plug that into the expression jack and use the vol min and max to program the boost can also set the volume pre or post...This is programable per patch and you can setup good gain structure offsets for boosting...Your on board pedal stays as dedicated Wah, pitch glide etc...

I would use Live mode...Stomp Level on the loop and Line on the output...try the NO CAB option in the new firmware...

I think the Park 75 PRE would make a pretty cool slightly dirty booster...The AC-15 PRE also...both have a lot of channel volume potential and nice color too...

Acoustic - You could certainly setup a patch, but running 4CM you would need to mute the 1/4 outs so the amp did not get fed and some sort of switch to actuvate the XLRs...certainly is might could build a little box like that...

good luck to you...

Re: HD400 & a Fender Blues Deville 4x10
by thirtyplus on 2012-07-23 01:56:54.9210

Thanks for that spaceatl.

I was messing about with it over the weekend and it seems a little complicated.I could just put the amp in standby for the acoustic numbers and mute the acoustic on the PA when not in use (just clicking two switches). Are you referring to the HD500 when you mention Vintage pre above (or do I need the latest firmware?).

Re: HD400 & a Fender Blues Deville 4x10
by spaceatl on 2012-07-23 07:25:29.9570

You need the latest firmware for that Vintage Pre (FX1 block)...The new amps (Soldano and Plexi) in the latest firmware are some of the best ones yet I think...

Re: HD400 & a Fender Blues Deville 4x10
by thirtyplus on 2012-07-23 07:39:51.6100

Thanks for that. I will download it tonight and see how I get on.

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