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Is this option available?
by EminentAndrew on 2012-07-20 09:43:09.0130

Hey Guys,

A couple things to start off : I am in ABCD Mode (FS1-4 Effects; FS5-8 Presets). My Delay is assigned to (FS1) is off in Preset A(FS5).

I wan't to Turn on my Delay (FS1) while my in preset A (FS5) Then go to Preset B (FS6) then back to Preset A(FS5) and have my delay off again.

Basicly I want my defaults to load every time I toggle between FS-5-FS8 and not have the preset change every time i leave an effect(FS1-FS4) on or off.


Thank you.

Re: Is this option available?
by Astaroth_CY on 2012-07-20 09:55:41.8040

The behavior you say that you are looking for is what I am experiencing by default. I.e. if I turn on an effect for a patch, then switch away from it to a different patch and switch back to it, the effect will be off again as I originally saved it.

The only way I would possibly see that you migh be experiencing the opposite (i.e. effect stays on when you go back to the patch) is if you're at the same time connected to your computer via USB and have HD Edit running, but even then I'm not sure this would happen.

Re: Is this option available?
by phil_m on 2012-07-20 10:09:11.6440

The behavior you're describing is how it should work. It sounds like you are probably trying to switch presets while connected to HD500 Edit.

Re: Is this option available?
by EminentAndrew on 2012-07-23 10:51:11.3280

You are both correct. I was not aware functionality was different while being conneccted to Edit.


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