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Acoustic Models & HD500 through Atomic Reactor
by sinistralx on 2012-07-21 02:26:43.1980

Hi Folks,

Sitting here this morning over a coffee while watching the DHL status page and waiting for my JTV-59 (BK). Looks like it will be monday though.

Anyways just a quick thought. I will be running my JTV through the HD500 into an Atomic Reactor FRFR active cab. For the acoustic models what would you sugesst as a amp setup for the POD? would you go with no amp and just use the new Valve preamp model and some EQ etc?

curious to hear your thoughts,

cheers Gareth

Re: Acoustic Models & HD500 through Atomic Reactor
by Crusty_Old_Rocker on 2012-07-21 02:58:27.2890

I just use EQ, but the Fender twin Pre (no cab etc.) is pretty good too.



Re: Acoustic Models & HD500 through Atomic Reactor
by davidb7170 on 2012-07-21 11:21:58.8500

I found a very good acoustic guitar patch in the custom tone area -- can't remember the specific patch name, but it really livened up the Martin Dreadnaught. Somebody put a lot of effort into this with multple levels of EQ, reverb, and a touch of chorus. I'm not at my pc with the L6 software on it -- maybe someone here will remember it. Anyway, using tne patch as a base, I modified it for the other acoustics. It uses no amp, and sounds really nice into my stage rig and also straight into my HD recorder (listening through headphones). I set up my patches with the HD500 to sound good direct to our soundman's board and through my guitar rig. Sometimes I have to compromise to sound good in both, since you can't have different settings for the 1/4" line out versus the XLR.

I'll reply with the name of the patch when I get back to my other pc.


Re: Acoustic Models & HD500 through Atomic Reactor
by sinistralx on 2012-07-22 06:20:06.6830

excellent thanks lads, i'd imagine some experimenting will be involved but looking forward to seeing the detail of those patches!!

Re: Acoustic Models & HD500 through Atomic Reactor
by davidb7170 on 2012-07-22 11:14:36.5340

I found the patch and will try to attach it to this post (I've never done that before, and we'll see it it works). It's called  "Variax Acoustic Guitar.h5e". Might be a bit heavy in room reverb, but you can tweek it to your liking. One thing I've noticed in a lot of patches from the Custom Tone area, is they rarely have the volume pedal assigned -- so that is usually the first thing I do is add one to the output end of the chain, because they usually will blow me out of the room without it.... Just took a look at this one and it does have a volume pedal set up. It was either already there, or that would be the only change I made to the original tone file. I made it select the different acoustics and set them up as their own patches in my HD500.


PS: OK, so the system wouldn't allow "h5e" file types. Jeesh -- now why wouldn't they at Line 6?? I renamed the extension ".TXT" -- we'll see if that goes through. Download and save the attached file and rename the extension ".h5e". If that doesn't work, I guess go looking for it at Custom Tone....

PPS: No Joy. Go look for it.

Re: Acoustic Models & HD500 through Atomic Reactor
by sinistralx on 2012-07-22 11:34:38.2240

Brilliant dave cheers, i picked it up at custometone :">">

now just waiting for my JTV to arrive and will experiment, will upload if i make any tweaks


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