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Fx settings to act like stompbox?
by rxdca on 2012-07-21 20:14:19.9260

Is there a manual, guide, or FAQ somewhere to tell how to set the fx models to act like the stompboxes they are modeled on?  For instance, the phase shifter the script phaser is modeled on has one knob, for speed.  Depth and all that other stuff is fixed.  I want to know how to set the script phaser model so that it acts like the phase shifter, what all the other settings should be.  Any clues?

Re: Fx settings to act like stompbox?
by jimsreynolds on 2012-07-22 02:09:35.9810

In some cases there are hints

  1. Part is in the Model Gallery for the M13/9/5 Effects Modeller.  This deals with the effects units modelled and what they are meant to do.
  2. Part is in the FX Parameters for the M13/9/5 Effects modeller.  This is the good stuff and tells you what the actuall parameters are for the various effects.

Check here for these documents

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