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I finally got a Mobile In.....
by Brazzy on 2012-07-22 08:23:09.9700

I'm gonna make this short and sweet. I got it, plugged it into (iPad, iPhone 4s), and it works for fine. So far I've been using a Burswood Strat (improved). I ran a 1/8 splitter into a Spider Jam CD jack and a Vaio laptop (for recording), and it worked fine. The only thing I wish I had is a short 30 pin cable (that works) so that I don't have to remove the cases from the iPad and iPhone.

I like the different tones I get from it. Also I'm gonna be using the Jammit app for sure.

My question would be is there a short 30 pin cable that works with this device? If not will there be one in the future?

I want to thank Line 6 for making some very cool equiptment. I have enjoyed everything I have that is Line 6.

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