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KFM: complete POD mix, incl Backing, DIs, POD Presets..Giveaway
by LSD-Studio on 2012-07-22 09:52:02.6780

Line6 GiveAway!!

I've just Created a POD equivalent of each of the guitarsounds I used for Killfloor Mechanic's "The End Of Madness".

That is:

Rhythm Guitars (original: Earforce)

Crunch Guits (original: JMP2203)

Melody (original: 6505)

Solo (original: Soldano)

I came quite close , without any post processing, only the Earforce (or rather what was supposed to sound like Earforce) needed a little bit of post EQ, it'll sound good without any post EQ though, that one is just if you wanna get closer to the original Mix...

I used only the standard models, so even if you don't have the MetalShop AddOn you'll be able to use these presets and replicate my Sound.

Here's the POD version of the song (every single guitar was reamped through the POD XT Pro, using only the supplied presets):

you can download the zip from the link in the yt description

That folder contains:

The full POD version of the mix

All the POD presets

The Waves Q8 preset for the RH Guits Post EQ

A Screenshot of said post EQ (in case you don't have the plug)

All the DI tracks

The backing (everything but the guitars)

The lyrics

Guitar Pro tabs will be added in future updates

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