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Foot controllers with analog input
by kartulifavaliani on 2012-07-23 12:25:14.7660

     I think it would help much if Foot controllers (FBV EXPRESS™ MkII, FBV SHORTBOARD™ MkII and FBV) had analog iputs to convert it into digital and send it via, through the exsisting usb output.

     You'd just need one device for playing, recording with pod farm and/or other devices; would be more compact too as the sound card won't be needed along with cables and yasier to use and configure. It may be more expensive, as customer buys a little sound card too, but you make shure with this that he/she buys your soundcard (and pays you for that) and not other.

                                                    So, to sum up : less cables, less gear, easier to use and more profit for you.

Re: Foot controllers with analog input
by fflbrgst on 2012-07-24 06:20:23.9890

You have to remember that the FBVs are only controllers - they send control signals to the amp, and provide a connection path to your computer for the amp.  There is no audio signal going into them at all.

That's why Line 6 make PODs, Toneport, etc.

Yes, they could combine features, but that is going to add to the cost/selling price, and most people would not need the combined features, so the market is not there for them to do so.

Re: Foot controllers with analog input
by kartulifavaliani on 2012-07-25 07:56:07.0000

Well thanks for the attention, but I think i said the same about absence of audio signal and growth of price .

     About the need and demand of combined features, I think it's really hard to determine the truth without researchs, statistics... so it's their choice; but they may also produce a kind of beta version that would be limited in amount.

Re: Foot controllers with analog input
by yetitracks on 2012-09-24 15:13:59.7550

You can buy just the hardware without the software at the Native-Instruments site (or ebay)

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