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Best small amp recomendation
by boris_plotnikov on 2012-07-24 23:55:16.6350

I play harmonica. I give up borrowing my pedalboard with me and get POD HD desctop as a main and only FX box.

So I'm working on creating my patches. It actually not easy to find best solution that will work for harmonica both live and studio.

So first problem I note is I really need my own amp onstage anyway. And it have to be not too big. I think it have to be less than 10 kg.

So I ask for reccomendation on best small amp/monitor for my POD HD.

Phil Jones Cub AG100? ZT Lunchbox? Fishman Loudbox? Peavey KB1 or KB2? Another loudspeakers? Powered monitor?

Any recomendations?

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