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spider valve mkii malfunction
by belial676 on 2012-07-25 19:00:01.8770

So i turn it on and 10 % of the time its acting funny. It's either on a funny preset channel or its sounding small and messed up. When I power it down it has a fizz happen like white noise or such. I have taken it to Music Makers here in Austin Tx and  they gave it back to me say that there was nothing wrong. They couldnt get it to mess up in an form or fashion. So I wanna know what the problem is and I wanna know how to fix it. I have already had as slew of problem with the mki and it was replaced with this. 

Re: spider valve mkii malfunction
by jws1982 on 2012-07-26 09:43:20.9370

We need more information.  I'd start by checking your cables, speaker cab, and anything else you're using with the amp. Since this is the 2nd spider valve that's given you trouble, i'd check everything else first.

If it is an intermittent issue caused by firmware:

If you just got it, then take it back.  If not, contact a Line 6 service center, and give them specific details on the problem.  They'll be able to fix it.

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