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Flextone III Midi USB
by mikaeld77 on 2012-07-27 20:04:31.9580

I got a Flextone III second hand and purchased a generic MIDI-USB interface cable and can't seem to get Line 6 Monkey or Line 6 Edit to detect the amp.

Anyone know how to get around this problem?

Re: Flextone III Midi USB
by mikaeld77 on 2012-07-28 05:03:59.4320

I must say I'm a little annoyed with the fact that most of the posts I've read regarding this, have Line 6 reps stating that they recommend using the M Audio Midisport Uno. Well, if it's only going to work with one or two specific Midi interface devices, shouldn't that be indicated in the manual? It would stop folks like myself from going out and purchasing a Midi-USB device, only to find out it doesn't work.

Re: Flextone III Midi USB
by TheRealZap on 2012-07-28 05:42:57.8050

it can work with other midi devices... however its generally only tested with the m-audio uno in house.... so you take you chances on some things...

for using edit with a flextone3 the generic would probably be fine, i'd be more cautious flashing an upgrade with it, than worried about editing tones.

there was only 1 upgrade to the flextone3 (i think...) and most of them have already been upgraded or left the factory with it.

it's usually 5-10$ to try a generic one, vs 30-40$ to get the uno... so it's a common thing to try and works for some users.

i'd try swapping the in and out cables first... then try different usb ports etc.

i have a flextone 3 and it works great with midi... i have the uno, but i also have a generic, i've just not tried it....

you might also do a google search for "tweakwizard" its a 3rd party tool for flextone 3 that lets you change some hidden parameters etc.

Re: Flextone III Midi USB
by mikaeld77 on 2012-07-28 16:43:07.2100

Hey Zap,

Thanks for the reply.

I'll try the "tweakwizard" to see if i can get it to recognize. 

Windows just uses the Generic USB Midi drivers and there are no updates available so it must be up to date.  I've also tried forcing other drivers onto the generic Midi controller and found a couple to take, but still no luck.

I'll let you know how the tweakwizard turns out for me.

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