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M9 Audio Level Drop when using Mod effects...
by spakuloid on 2012-07-29 19:53:57.5840

So I have the latest firmware and generally I think the M9 sounds great - using it in the effects loop of my amp for mostly delays, reverbs and some mod effects. BUT - there are certain effects that decrease my volume even when the mix knob is all the way up. In particular the Leslie effects, tremolos and some of the weirder Tron and synthy stuff. Almost every one of them gives me a volume decrease when engaged. This does not happen with the chorus, delays, or even the phasers/flangers. Any ideas here on how to keep my volume level consistent? I have 2 different amps that I use and this issue is persistent on each of them. is it an order thing? Usually I set the delays and verbs last in the chain - with the modulated stuff before them.

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