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Playing through my amplifier tonight w/ POD HD500
by JaszboChristus on 2012-07-30 19:57:32.3670

Tonight, I'm playing through the Music Man HD212 One-Thirty that I was given by my cousin and his church, City Church in Peoria, Illinois, and I must say, it sounds so much better than to play through my computer speakers, so much more natural, even though the speakers are Bose Companion 5's. The amp causes my Schecter C-1 Classic and the POD HD 500 to sound so very much like a violin and/or a cello. I'm terribly inspired. The patch is the D-Street Z - 75 Cr patch, and I'm lovin' it! Again, so very inspiring! Much like an Eric Johnson cum Allan Holdsworth solo tone (lead).

Re: Playing through my amplifier tonight w/ POD HD500
by Jeffsco on 2012-07-31 06:51:22.6020

That amp has been used by Joe Perry (Aerosmith) and was especially important to the tone of Brian Mcleod...Guitarist for Chilliwack and the headpins (Canadian 70's and 80's legends).

Brian had one of the most unique tones and stylings. Instantly recognizable. That was his main amp. I owned one circa '88...but had to sell it. Too loud!

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