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vyzex editor floor pod plus: auto sense fails all the time (mac)
by sadqueen on 2012-07-31 03:57:08.6920

hey all,

this is a question concerning the vyzex editor for the floor pod plus.

having the floor pod plus (FPP) now since 2009 and used the editor successfully for some time which is a great thing. the FPP is communicating (via MIDI of course) through an ECHO Audiofire 4. i'm using a mac. this worked fine on an older computer under OSX 10.4 and now with a macbook pro under OSX 10.6.8 (snow leopard).

since yesterday i'm experiencing issues while starting the editor. all conncections are made, in the right order, same cables, same thing as ever.

now it tells me pretty quick after launching the software that the auto sense fails. all the time. this never happend before. the green bars that show the transfer status NEVER ever appear.

so i tried to make the connections manually via the MIDI in/out configuration. i tried a lot of things and just wanted to save some sounds which i finally somehow worked out.

what IS working was (sometimes at last):

every tweak i make directly on the FPP appears on the virtual screen of the vyzex editor. i can also save L6 tones.

what is NOT working:

loading Tones into the FPP or tweaking things on the virtual GUI of the editor. vyzex never initializes the current sound collection of my FPP. hard and software are NOT communicating properly.

the FPP seems to comunicate with the software but the software NOT with the FPP. and still ALL THE TIME the editor tells me auto sense fails.

the MIDI conncection seems right, the MIDI monitor in the vyzex as well as in my ECHO audiofire interface show me so.

anyone had simillar issues? as always the strangest thing is that it worked all well and now it nothing but trouble....WHERE IS THE PROBLEM???

thanx for your input in advance and best regards!


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